Tips To Detox From Social Media Without Giving It Up Completely

These simple strategies could transform your life.

For most of us, social media can be hard to give up cold turkey. While it can be valuable and help us connect with people from around the world, it can also take up a lot of our time. Quitting social media has had a positive impact on many that have tested these waters. However, you don’t have to give it up completely to reap the rewards. Here are some ways to detox from social media without having to say goodbye to it completely.

1 Track your habits

When you are looking for a solution to a problem, you need to understand what the issue is first. That means taking a deep hard look at your habits. Take stock of what is not working for you. Give up social media for a few days or a week. Make note of how you feel when you don’t have access to these platforms anymore. If you feel being offline stirred up positive feelings, find ways to bring those feelings with you when you get back online. This can help you feel less stressed when you need to log off sometimes.

2 Set boundaries

If you are looking to stay offline for longer periods of time, you need to be strict with yourself by setting up boundaries. Avoid reaching your phone when you just wake up. Have a shower, enjoy your coffee and plan your day before you go down the social media rabbit hole. You should even choose a time to switch off from your devices at night. This can also help you improve your sleep quality.

3 Change the way you view social

Use social media as a reward by crossing things off your list before you use it. This way you can feel fulfilled in knowing that you completed the tasks you set out to do before you spend time scrolling through apps. For those who need to use social media for work, make sure to log out of it when you don’t need to use it. Plan things to do during your downtime, like reading a book or getting coffee with friends, instead of feeling you need to constantly be online.

When things feel overwhelming and you find it hard to stick to your habits, choose just one day to stay offline and away from social media platforms. Do a fun activity that you enjoy that you haven’t done in a really long time.

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