Tips To Get Feel-Good Benefits Of Travel Without Travelling

Here’s how to get excited about travel in the comfort of your home.

Travelling around the world can be exciting, but you do not have to leave your home to experience the feel-good effects of an adventure. Studies suggest one can have the emotional benefits of travel anywhere. If you are unable to book a holiday or your vacation time is still a little further away, here is how to get the feel-good effects of travel without travelling.

Plan an amazing trip

Just the thought of a vacation in a beautiful spot on earth can put you in a good mood. Plan a trip that you desire. Think of a dream destination you want to go to and imagine you are already there. Make a list of everything you want to experience on this holiday, from the food to the activities. Plan your activities, research hotels, and check out restaurants to truly get into it.  One study found that people’s happiness would spike in anticipation of a trip. This may be due to reward processing, which is a  way your brain processes pleasurable or rewarding stimuli in your environment.

Reminisce about the good times

Take a look at old travel photos of you having a good time. Reminiscing about past adventures could increase happiness, according to research. Positive memories like these can engage the brain regions responsible for reward processing. You can also journal about the holidays you have had to relive cherished memories. This could help give your mood a boost and reduce stress.

Learn about another culture

Discovering a foreign land’s culture and traditions are some of the great pleasures of travel. Learn to cook an authentic meal from that country or learn a new language. These activities could improve brain function, memory, and make you more creative.

Be mindful about the familiar

There is a rush of excitement when you visit an exotic land. From the sounds to the sights, almost everything is new to you. However, there is beauty in noticing things in your regular environment. It could help you practice mindfulness. Have a local adventure and take notice of things you wouldn’t otherwise. Go on a hike with friends and listen to the things that are around you. When you practice being mindful out in nature, it can make you feel calmer. Have fun being curious about your everyday environment as it could influence your well-being in positive ways.

Darielle Britto

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