Tips to handle existential crises

Existential crises are hard to deal with when they hit you. The truth is, the world is a difficult place to achieve your goals, and one can encounter all kinds of problems. Existential crises are common, therefore. However, while it can feel hopeless, here are some ways in which you can deal with it!

Stay positive – One of the most important things to do is to remain positive and calm. It can get very easy to be stuck in a dark spot, and think that life has no purpose. But the trick is to gear through it by trying to remember happy thoughts, and also believing in yourself, even when it is hardest. If you feel let down by people around you, move away and find new people. Validation comes from inside, but negative toxic energy can be detrimental. The environment is important for you.

Don’t see it as permanent – Don’t treat it as permanent, remember that it is simply a phase and life will get better soon and things will change for the better. This is a phase of confusion and uncertainties, but it is only when you are at a loss, that you can begin to find your way. Know that things keep changing.

Keep working on your goals- Though this may seem hard, don’t lose sight of your goal. This is the most important thing. Achieving your goals is not easy, but it is what makes life worth fighting for. Just remember that where you are now is just another phase in that path. Go for it! If you want to be an artist or a singer, keep practicing. If you want to be a lawyer, keep working. There are always doors that will open up and you never know how your future might change!

Think of all possible options – Sometimes, when you begin to lose interest in what you are currently doing, it may be a good idea to step back, and think of other possible options and other ways that you can pick up your interest. Don’t worry if it is different, or unconventional. For example, if you are in academics, and don’t feel rewarded when you teach, you can always look for more research-oriented or curatorial jobs. Moreover,  you can always switch jobs.

Pick up an art form– If you want to channel your anxieties and negative thoughts, then one helpful option you can do is to learn some kind of art, be it music, painting, or dancing. It is hugely beneficial to engage your mind elsewhere!

Good Luck!

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