Tips to handle fussy guests

Do you have a very hi-fi guest coming to town, who has an end number of demands, but they are so close or important to you and you feel like you must wait on them? This double-edged sword is a tricky one. If you are stuck in this situation, then here are some tips for you to deal with fussy guests!

Be firm when it is too much – This is the number one thing to do. Of course, you should be generous, and make them feel welcome and accommodating but if they demand too much, don’t hesitate to draw the line. Say it calmly, but put your foot down and ask them to adjust to you instead.

Try your best but don’t go crazy– Guests are after all important and one should do everything possible to make them comfortable.  But if it is detrimental to you, avoid doing it. Try your best but don’t go crazy!

Be accepting – People m may have different standards of efficiency or etiquette. One has to remember that you should also adjust to them, and be accepting of them. After all, they are guests and they are still important to you!

Be patient – This is in a way a continuation of the previous point. One must not lose patience with their guests. If you are getting angry, and frustrated, the best is to try and remember that it is only for a few days. You don’t want to be rude and have it blow up in your face. Also remember, that being patient and helping them also leads to gratitude in return and this leads to a good friendship and relationship in the long run. People can be annoying, but forming social networks is also imperative for one’s well-being and happiness. People show appreciation in different ways.

Be considerate but also not overly apologetic if things go wrong– Sometimes, their demands are not easy to fulfill at the drop of a hat. For example, if someone wants some food different from what is being served to everyone else, definitely order it, but don’t be apologetic if the order comes late or they have to wait. They themselves will appreciate you later, and that always feels nice.

Joke about it to vent frustration– If you are indeed overly frustrated, one of the best things to do is joke in front of them about it. That makes the comfort level grow, and also one gets rid of their frustration and prevents talking behind their back. However, remain humorous, don’t turn rude!

Good Luck!

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