Tips to handle the unemployment stress.

Much of our sense of self-worth and identity is often tied to our jobs or careers. Sadly, the pandemic has made unemployment a major source of stress for many of us after lay-offs and firings. It is essential to handle such a situation, here are some tips you can keep in mind.

Be positive

You need to ensure that you don’t fall into despair and stave off the stress and anxiety. Positive thinking can only bring about positive results as your actions and attitude follows your mental state. Prioritize your emotional and physical health; take walks, sleep well and eat right to keep your spirits high.

Be active and focus on being productive

Opportunities will only come when you are up and out meeting people, staying connected, and engaging in activities and projects that interest you. Sitting at home and feeling like a hermit does no good. When you are making an effort to go out, you may encounter your next opportunity.

Consider this time as an opportunity to learn

The more relevant skills you have, the better are your chances to be relevant in the marketplace. Look at your current skill and see how it can be enhanced or, how you can gain a new skill that can complement your existing skills giving you a better prospect at marketing yourself. Learning a new skill also lets you expand your network as you meet people from the new field of work.

Be open to volunteer

Yet another way to be busy and grow at the same time. Volunteering is a great way to lift your spirits and your self-esteem. When you choose to volunteer, you meet new people, learn new things, get to be part of a community, and get whole new business exposure. While you contribute selflessly, you also get an opportunity to talk about it when people as you what you were during in between jobs.

Focus on networking

You want to make everyone aware that you are available for a job. So, get out and network. You may follow different strategies like talking on the phone, meeting someone over the coffee, host a dinner where you share more details.

 Make a list

This means planning in a time when you can be either desperate or mentally fogged. You tend to clear your mind and focus more when you pen down a list of actions. This may be a list of people you want to contact, a list of skills you want to market, or a list of companies or posts you want to target.

You need to turn your period of unemployment into a time of growth and purpose.

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