Published By: Ahvana Paul

Tips to help you remain organized and motivated if you are an aspiring author

Are you keen to write a book/ novel? Are you a passionate budding and aspiring writer, that wants to make their mark in the literary world? Well, if you find yourself nodding at these questions, then this list is for you! If you are an aspiring author, looking to make it, then here are some tips to help you remain motivated!

Write everyday

This goes without saying- Practice writing every day. Find a time when you can apply your brain's best. This might be in the early hours of the morning, before the world has risen, or in the late hours of the night. Night owl or early bird, whatever your thing, this is something that you should do! Even if it is a little bit, the fact of the matter is, that practice makes perfect! The trick is to keep those creative juices flowing and your writing flow intact! Not only will there be consistency, but you will see how much your writing, and ability to put complex thoughts together on paper will improve. It is seriously the secret to becoming an excellent writer!

Read books you wish you had written

Though this may sound like a very common saying to you, it is true. If you are an aspiring writer, spend a little bit of time every day reading something. Buy books of genres you are interested in, perhaps even books related to the topic you wish to write about. This way you also get to explore, and become familiar with different writing styles, enhance your vocabulary, your expressions and more. Reading is therefore imperative, for aspiring writers. It will help shape your perspective and skills as a writer. Read for inspiration, for fun, for knowledge! These are also inspiring and will inspire you with marvellous stories.

Watch films and OTTs for inspiration

Another primary mode of inspiration, which you must do is watching good films and shows on OTT platforms! These are also very crucial for giving you ideas. Also, it allows a certain versatility to be familiar with different kinds of writing, different kinds of ideas, and what works! These can develop your skillset and writing abilities.

Set a deadline

The truth is, writing can be an endless process, owing to the dire need to make it perfect, or a     fear that it is not good enough! This is often detrimental, and can sometimes lead to boring the person who is writing it, and demotivating also. However, don’t let this get to you! The best thing to do in this case, is to set a proper deadline. Make sure you follow a proper timeline, and complete it by a given date. The thing about perfectionism is, that there might be always something to make better, and that can become a never-ending vicious cycle!  Therefore don’t keep it hanging forever. Finish on the deadline set for you. Self-discipline is therefore vital for motivation.

Enjoy it!

While being disciplined, and managing a timeline for your manuscript, also make a point of enjoying it. After all, it is your book, your ideas, your creativity and your imagination. Have fun with it, take risks, and make sure to enjoy the process a bit! Enjoy sitting just with your thoughts and enjoying the literary world you have created.

Get your trusted friends to read prior drafts

One of the things that can add a certain motivation to the process is having friends who will read your manuscript and offer honest opinions, on what can be improved, what they liked and what should be discarded. Sometimes these discussions can lead to your best ideas!