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Tips to host a smooth-sailing party

Be the gracious host with these fine tips.

If you have hosted a party for your friends and family before, you know it takes a lot of work. If you haven’t done it before, worry not. We got you covered.

Planning a party, whether it be a holiday party or a weekend one takes some planning. You must have seen your parents or friends be gracious hosts.

Whether you’re planning a night soiree or a backyard barbecue, a movie night or a semi-formal dinner party, here are a few general tips to make it a smooth-sailing party.

Introduce guests who meet for the first time

If a friend or co-worker is attending your party for the first time, make sure you introduce the person to the rest of the party. You don’t want them to do the introducing themselves or standing in a corner scrolling through their phone.

Make sure you have enough seating

A party calls for eating and having fun. But when your guests are tired, they shouldn’t have to look for a spot or sit on the stairs of your front porch. It is important you have enough seating available. You could rent chairs too if you don’t have enough to accommodate everyone.

For indoor parties, make sure the temperature is set right

You don’t want your guests sweating cause its too hot, or having their feet turn cold cause the AC is set on high. Set the right temperature in the area where your guests are.

Music is important

Curate an open playlist and ask your friends to keep adding their songs to it.

For food, stick to recipes you are adept 

Do not try new recipes for the dinner party. If you want to cook, stick to something you already know how to make. If it’s too large a party, you could always order in food.

Make sure your neighbours are not inconvenienced

If you know your friends and music will be loud on said day, inform your neighbours that you are having a party. Let them know that if it gets too loud, they should definitely tell you immediately.

Keep the toiletries in view

Keep toilet paper and other toiletries in plain view so your guests don’t have to go looking for it in bathroom closets.

Stick to making big batch of punch for drinks

For drinks, prepare a large bowl of punch so that your guests can help themselves without you having to hand them out to them.

Have a plan for people who tend to linger

Now, you should know how to politely ask guests that party is over. You could start cleaning up or turning down the music. Maybe a friend could help you usher your lingering guests out if asking people to leave isn’t your thing.


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