Tips to make your baking experience simple and delightful

‘Baking may be regarded as a science, but it’s the chemistry between the ingredients and the cook that gives desserts life. Baking is done out of love, to share with family and friends, to see them smile’- Anna Olson.

Baking is an age- old method of cooking, using the dry heat. Thousands of years ago, it was invented by Croatia. Egyptians and Romans were also experts in baking. This process has undergone so many changes, and finally we have our easy and simple baking which is now used in preparing not only cakes but also other mouths – watering desserts like pies, brownies, cookies and so on. Some tips must be followed in order to achieve a seamless baking experience. These are the following –

Follow a simple and authentic recipe

There are so many recipes available online which are not even authentic, that won’t give you any benefit in the process of learning baking. Therefore, it is advised to follow a channel or recipe which is well known and trustable.

Measure the ingredients properly

Measurement is the key thing in baking. You need to follow proper measurement as it is mentioned from where you have learned, otherwise the result won’t be satisfactory. Measuring cups and spoon sets are recommended for correct measurement.

Prepare the baking pan before baking

If you are a beginner, try to follow the size of the pan as it is mentioned in the recipe as it will be convenient for you to adjust the time of the baking. You need to line your pan with baking parchment before putting the batter into it. Softened butter or oil dusted with flour can be the substitute of parchment paper.

Prepare dry and wet ingredients separately

If you want your cake to be fluffy and soft, it is advised to prepare dry and wet ingredients separately and then mix them well to incorporate more air within the cake.

The ingredients should be within room temperature

Make sure the ingredients like butter and eggs should be at room temperature. If you take the butter and eggs straight from the fridge, it won’t mix well and the texture won’t be proper.

Lastly, the most important thing behind a successful baking is not to give up on baking. It’s very normal to have some mistakes initially but gradually, with continuous practice, perfection can be achieved. Therefore, try to love baking if you want to learn it properly.

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