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Tips To Plan A Destination Wedding

A fancy destination wedding might cost a bomb, but it is your duty to not let their high-end charges shatter your dream of having one

Plan your budget and set priorities accordingly

This is the foremost step through which you get an idea of how much you are capable of spending and also the aspects that matter most. Like if you do not want to compromise on photography then you might need to compromise with extravagant decor. One more important thing to keep in mind while planning a budget is that half of the biggest chunk would go into venue booking as well as guest accommodation.

Rope in local vendors

Your fiesta and foremost step would be booking all your wedding vendors from the destination that has been chosen to get married. This would help to save the extra cost of transportation and accommodation, However, you will be able to better coordinate. In case you do not find local vendors then you might go for someone who travels at their own cost. Also, one more helpful part would be hiring the best wedding vendors in Indian cities, since it is amazing and pocket-friendly.

Recce is important

It is very obvious that you will visit and observe the venue before finalizing it, then it has been suggested by experts that you must visit once in three months before the wedding and also along with the decorator to make the setups. Recce-cum meetings are required to visualize and plan more effectively such as which function will be held at which part and how the space would be utilized for decoration purposes.

Preparing the minor level guest list

This could be one of the easiest and doable tasks while planning a destination wedding However if you are planning to host a colossal crowd then it is better to hire a wedding planner.

Invest amount in a wedding planning journal

Maintaining a wedding planning journal is important when you are setting up priorities along with a pocket-friendly budget. It is extremely important to note down everything when it comes to a wedding planner. Starting from the guest list to vendor payments and travel bookings you might go for google Sheets or a wedding planner diary where you can easily keep an update.

Book events in the same venue to avoid costs

It could act as a very friendly idea for guests and people to avoid transportation from one place to another and apart from that, you are eligible to get higher discounts for all your wedding events.

So, it is quite possible to take things into your hand and plan your own wedding with a pocket-friendly budget.


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