Tips To Plan Your San Francisco Tour With Friends

San Fransisco is the topmost electric city in the United States and home to hipsters, liberals and hippies and so much more to get surrounded with.

The 3days trip to San Francisco would be too early to cover all the exciting areas of the city and another fact is that San Fransisco attractions are quite spread out and are not always convenient to reach.

Golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, Crissy Field and more: Day 1

Walking through the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks of San Fransisco and also a piece of engineering art. Do not forget to make your way to this golden gate national recreation area that offers a waterfront promenade and hiking trails. Apart from all these, there is a Walt Disney museum in the park too that is worth watching.

Visiting Crissy field

It is a place near the bridge that features a beautiful beach, piers of fishing, restaurants and parks for the Frisbee. There you will find a lot of locals, walking their dogs and some are lying on the beaches.

Alcatraz Island

It consists of a former federal prison that was the home for the worst criminals in the United States. Also, make sure to book a ferry when you decide to travel the island early if you are planning to visit in summer as it gets very chaotic.

Palace of fine arts

It is a Roman-style remnant and does not forget to take a leisurely stroll around the lagoon and relax under the rotunda and enjoy a picnic.

San Fransisco Itinerary Day 2: Riding the cable cars

It is one of the excellent ways to tour the entire city as well as provide an opportunity to experience the neighbourhood of San Fransisco. Cable cars are very fun to ride and would also help to save a lot of time in terms of walking up and down the hills.

Heading towards Chinatown

After NYC, this is one of the most famous Chinatowns of the United States wherein, Chinese immigrants first came up to the West coast and set up their shops in San Fransisco. Chinatown has some famous places to have Chinese food items like Dim-Sum, teahouses where you can eat your heart out.

Day 3 of San Fransisco Itinerary

Take a walking tour to some historic places and find out eclectic neighbourhoods or would show all the scrumptious food that the city has to offer.

Tour to the Ferry building for eating

The Ferry Building in San Fransisco is the dream place for people who are foodies and there is also a big farmers market wherein you will find food vendors and restaurants.

So, there is always something exciting and new about going to San Fransisco, if you are planning to trip with your friends then these are some amazing places to visit and restaurant to die for.

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