Tips To Prepare For Board Exams During Lockdown

Given the government-led advisory for schools to remain closed owing to COVID-19, the woes of board students have become more critical.

The absence of classroom learning has multiplied the stress of board students. Though there is no magic formula for guaranteed success in exams, here are some tips that can help students score well in board exams.

Prepare a study plan

The first and foremost thing that a student should follow is to plan how and what to study. A productive study plan ensures effective preparation and motivates students towards achieving their target marks. Before preparing a study plan, it is essential for the students to know their challenges, identify the difficult topics, and their productive time. It will help them to absorb well and retain better.

Begin with high-weightage chapters

At least a month before the exams, the student’s primary focus should be on revising the chapters with high weightage. It is significant to be well-versed with the crucial and difficult topics to score better in the exams. Students must pick out all the doubts and reach out to the concerned teachers to get them clarified in advance. Categorizing chapters as easy, moderate, and difficult can help figure out which topics require more time and attention.

Improve writing speed and accuracy

Along with the knowledge and understanding of the chapter, the accuracy, and speed of writing the answers also makes a difference. The ideal way a student can improve accuracy and speed is by setting a timer while taking a mock test or practicing a question. Solving mock test papers in a timed manner is very significant for performing well in board exams.

Develop time management skills

Proper skills in time management help students to achieve more in less time. For developing this good habit, students should strictly follow a study plan, achieve the goals that they have set and avoid procrastination. Strategizing how much time should be spent on a particular section or question is a vital aspect of time management.

Revise the syllabus multiple times

Students must engage in multiple and focused revisions of the entire syllabus before appearing for the board exams. The focus of the student should be on analyzing the mistakes, rectifying and learning from them to improve the weak areas.

Replicate a real exam scenario

Replicating a real exam scenario can massively help in addressing the students’ anxieties associated with exams. They should find an isolated space with no distractions for taking the test. It is advised to begin writing at the same time as that of the exam to activate one’s biological clock and to get accustomed to that of the exam.

So, are you ready to rock your exams?

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