Tips to prevent ear infection in infants

Of all the things which parents have to deal, ear infection in infants is one of the biggest problems. Many children suffer from ear infection at an early age and it is a problem which can become severe , if not treated immediately.

Children are not as protected as adults. They have a weak immune system and they are more prone to various kinds of infections and diseases. Ear infection is one such problems which can make your child weak and frustrated. It can be cured by the help of medication but as they say, prevention is better than cure, you should try to prevent it. Let us know why ear infection happens so frequently and hoe you can tackle this problem.


The main reason why many kids who are below the age of two suffer from ear infection is breastfeeding. Yes, you heard it right. Breastfeeding while lying down sometimes causes the milk to flow in the ears which results in ear infection. It is important to understand here that breastfeeding is a tiring job. It takes a lot from you and makes your body weak. That is why many mothers try to feed their children while lying down. While this position is a lot comfortable than other positions, it possesses a risk of ear infection. Many doctors advice it is important to choose a comfortable position to breastfeed your baby but it is not recommended to lie down as it can not only increases the chances of ear infection, but can also make your baby sick.

Take care of water

To save your baby from this infection, it is important to take care of their ears while making them bathe. It is because if water enters their ears, it can result in too much pain. Therefore, you should always make sure that water level in below the chest of the child and while pouring the water on head, always cover their head. It will not only prevent the water from going inside the ears, it will also stop it from directly entering into the eyes.

While traveling

If you are planning to take your children out on a long drive or a car trip, always ensure that the weather is not windy. It is because fast winds can cause pain in the ears which can also result in fever and cold. Always make sure that the windows are locked properly and do not make your child sit near it. It is recommended to take appropriate medicine like an ear drop with you for emergency situations.

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