Tips to Prevent Post Workout Acne

Exercise can be great for our skin. It can increase blood flow to the skin cells, acquiring nutrients and oxygen and removing waste, which might help recuperate. It can also assist with lessening stress. However, burning some calories in the gym can likewise make the ideal conditions for acne-causing bacteria and yeast to flourish, causing more breakouts.

Working out can cause excessive sweating, as well as the build-up of oil, dirt, and bacteria on your skin – all of which can prompt skin break out. In any case, you don’t need to stop exercising to see more clear skin. The key is to keep up with proper cleanliness before, during, and after your workout session.

To prevent post-workout acne, you need to follow a few things-

Before Workout

Remove all of your makeup. Don’t bother about cleaning up. An oil-free makeup remover napkin does a great job.

Never use dirty clothes while working out. Dead skin cells, bacteria, and oils on unwashed clothes can clog up your pores, prompting acne.

Apply oil-free sunscreen before you step outside. If you are working outside during the day, you can prevent acne by protecting your skin from the sun. Indeed, the sun can cause breakouts since it dries your skin. Whenever this occurs, your body creates more oil, which can clog pores and cause acne.

During Workout

Use a clean and tidy towel to wipe off sweat. Whenever you clear sweat from your skin, delicately pat it off. Rubbing your skin can make acne flare.

Try not to share protective equipment like shoulder pads and helmets whenever possible. These can be loaded with acne-causing bacteria and oil, which might make you break out.

If you have to share your equipment then, clean shared equipment before you use it. Shared things can be full of acne-causing microbes, dirt, and oil.

After Workout

Consider showering after your workout. Do not do it immediately. Take shower after 15 minutes at least. This might wash away germs that can cause acne. A gentle, oil-free cleanser can remove germs that can prompt acne and prevent clogged pores without bothering your skin.

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