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Tips To Reverse Autoimmune Disorders

Your autoimmune disease didn’t happen overnight. You may have a genetic predisposition to autoimmunity, but, we should be aware of epigenetics and the fact that the genes we inherit aren’t fixed and can be switched on and off by lifestyle and environmental factors.

Here are five strategies that help target the root cause of autoimmune diseases. They help bring balance back to our immune system and help patients quit medication, eliminate symptoms and reverse their diseases.

Heal Your Gut

Your gut is the gateway to health. Without a well-balanced gut, it’s almost impossible to maintain a well-functioning immune system. Fortunately, the cells in your gut can change rapidly, which means you can repair your digestive tract in just thirty days by removing inflammatory food items, junk foods, and toxins; repairing the acid and enzymes that are essential to ensure proper digestion;

Re-inoculating the healthy bacteria; and supplementing the amino acids and nutrients required to create a gut lining that is healthy.

Optimize Your Diet

The foods you consume play a vital part in two of the most critical aspects of autoimmune disease – digestive health and inflammation. Unfortunately, modern diets are filled with food items that can hurt both. This includes the typical foods that are processed and junk food and pseudo-healthy foods like low-fat or gluten-free products that are usually packed with additives, sugar, and preservatives. However, even foods that are commonly thought of as essential in a nutritious diet like dairy, grains, legumes, corn, and soy could cause leaky gut and inflammation.

Gluten, in particular, is a principal cause due to the release of a chemical known as zonulin that tells the wall of your intestines to expand and causes inflammation.

Reduce Your Toxic Burden

It’s no secret that humans are exposed to many harmful chemicals every day. From the pollutants in our environment and the contaminants in our drinking water, to pesticides in foods and the chemicals in your products, our bodies are bombarded with toxins day in and day out.

The toxins don’t just get removed by washing or rinsing! Look for products with minimal chemicals.

Heal Your Infections

Another essential factor that could play a part in the development of autoimmune diseases is infections. Studies have linked various bacterial and viral diseases to autoimmune diseases, for example, Epstein-Barr (the virus responsible for mono), Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, E. coli and many others. Researchers aren’t certain of the exact way autoimmune diseases caused by these infections; yet, there’s an established connection between both.

Avoid using immunosuppressants, making sure you have good gut health and taking ample vitamin D and Vitamin C.

Relieve Your Stress

Stress can have a negative influence on your immunity. It triggers a wave of inflammation which is understandable considering that the immune system evolved to withstand stressors such as attacks, injuries, and food shortages. Try to live a stress-free lifestyle.

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