Tips to take best care of your pet dog

In our selfish human world, we hardly feel and care for unconditional love like our pets. It is said that a dog can change your world with its unconditional love, it can love you more than you love yourself.

We all need favourable environments to live and grow up. A dog can’t be exceptional. Therefore, before thinking of parenting a dog, you must have a proper mental set up to give your pet a good ambience and comfort which it needs. Parenting is not an easy thing, whether it’s a child or a pet. There are some important facts which we must keep in mind before rearing a dog and these are-

Feed your dog properly

You should maintain a schedule of feeding your dog. Give food twice a day, which is in the morning and evening. The amount should be exactly the same as recommended in the food package. Try to give your pet meals enriched with protein like chicken, liver, soy flour, cracked barley and so on. Don’t feed it foods like chocolate, avocado, butter and cheese because that will make your pet lazy and fat.

Sufficient water

Food is not the only thing you should provide your dog, sufficient water is also needed. Make sure your dog has access to sufficient fresh water to feel hydrated.

Proper vaccination

You must have your dog properly vaccinated in order to avoid diseases. Your veterinarian will advise you about the disease common in your locality, you should listen to him/her. It is also important to give some parasite preventive tablets to your dog, especially when your dog is outside for a long time. In that case, consultation with your veterinarian is recommended.

Maintain cleanliness

Cleanliness is also a part of taking care of your dog. Clean your dog’s coat with a mild dog shampoo. Most of the breeds don’t need it more than once in a month. Still, it depends on your breed and its activities. Though it’s a bit difficult, try to trim your dog’s nails whether it’s needed.

Socialize your dog

Right amount of exercise and socializing with your dog are also needed. Some toy breeds like Pug, Papillon don’t need walking for long, small games are enough for them. But, for breeds like Labrador, walking and huge amounts of exercise are needed in order to burn calories.

These are some simple tips which you need to remember before planning to parent a dog. For more details, try to consult an expert or your veterinarian.

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