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Tips To Take Care Of Your Orchid Plant

You have bought the prettiest orchid plant, what now?

Most people out there would advice you against getting an orchid as a houseplant. However, we say that if you want to get an orchid, get an orchid. They might not be easiest plants out there to take care of, but it’s doable. Sure, they need a little extra care but they also blossom into the most gorgeous exotic looking flowers. Once you have learnt the secrets of growing an orchid plant properly, taking care of them would be a cakewalk for you. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your orchid plant.

No Compromises In The Soil Department

The potting and the soil part is the most important when it comes to taking care of orchids. Unless you get the right type of soil for your plant, keep it alive would be a difficult task. Orchids need soil that offers fast drainage. Naturally, you would also need a pot that has good drainage properties. The pot should come with large draining holes to drain out the excess water from the soil. For the soil, you get the bark based type since it allows the water to drain out the fastest. You can also get the moss mixed type of soil but you have remember to not water the plant to frequently in such a case.

Light And Temperature Matters For A Healthy Orchid Plant

Orchids are not too demanding when it comes to the light and temperature and light conditions. Keep the temperature moderate, say from 60 to 75 Fahrenheit degrees. Allow plenty of air circulation for the orchid plat to thrive and blossom into something beautiful. As for the lighting, orchids need plenty of light but not something that right in your face. Keep your orchid plant in the north facing or east facing direction since that would provide the plenty of light needed. If your orchid plant is placed in the west facing direction use some sheer curtains to tone it down.

Overwatering Is A Crime For Orchids

Orchids usually need watering every few days. Overwatering them is a common and a huge mistake most orchid parents make. Doing this will rot the roots faster and that could kill the orchid plant. Keep a close track of the moisture level of the soil to figure out if your orchid plant needs water at all.

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