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Tips to thrift shop like a pro

Learn the art of making the best of thrift shopping

Shopping secondhand is sustainable and you are doing your part to reduce the impacts of fashion on the environment. Thrift shopping is quiet the thing now. People are choosing to give away pre-owned favs to make space to second hand clothes in their wardrobe. Not only does thrift shop offers all kind of options it also offers them at mad cheap prices.

Why thrift shop?

By now you are aware how much fashion industry contributes to the environment. It is responsible for 10% greenhouse gas emission. The overuse of water and the excessive chemical runoffs into water bodies causes quite a detrimental effect on the environment.

Though you can’t control the entirety of fashion industry, you can do your part by going sustainable shopping and going thrift.

Thrift shopping can be tiring and overwhelming considering you have countless options in incredible prices. Here’s some tips that make thrift shopping easy and quick.

Sell before you go thrift shopping

Make space in your wardrobe by selling items you no longer need or want. Selling will also help you save money for thrifting. Look up nearby shops or online that buy used clothes.

Know about the shop beforehand

Thrift shopping will get easier if you know the specialty of the shop. Some might sell clothes only, while some may sell toys, furniture, books and everything under one roof. Before you head to it, make sure you know they sell what you are looking for.

Take only cash

Carry cash and leave your card behind when you go thrift shopping. This will avoid impulse buying. Set a limit and carry cash amounting to that.

Dress appropriately for thrift shopping

Some thrift store might have a changing room where you can try clothes on. Others, might not. To be effective, dress in clothes you can try easily dress over. A tank top with shorts will aloow you to try on clothes and check for fit right at the aisle.

Make friends with the shop personnel

Get acquainted with the thrift shop personnel. They can help you judge your outfit, help you with shopping and give information about the items in store.

Know when the aisles restock

Making friends with the personnel can help you get information when the restocks will hit the aisle and you can plan your visit likewise.

Understand quality before buying

Scan for snags, stains, fabric quality thoroughly before buying. Go for items that are soft or ripped jeans that actually look better if it’s worn out.

Get clothes tailored

Since thrift store might not keep the size, you can always tailor the things you buy according to your liking. Maybe fix the hemline, shorten the sleeves, sew in a pretty bow to amp it up. Tailor it to your liking.


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