Tips To Wear Heels Without The Pain

Heels add the glamour and style to your look and here’s how you can wear them pain free!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of confidence and glamour you get wearing high heels. You stand tall, proud and confident in your look with the heels adding so much of style to your outfit. However, the long term effects of wearing high heels frequently are not very pretty. They could lead to chronic back pain and even damage your foot. As if that’s not enough, sometimes walking in heels for a long time becomes a nightmare. However, wearing heels don’t always have to come at the cost of your foot. You can keep your feet comfortable and pain free even while wearing those beautiful high heels. Here are a few ways to wear heels without worrying about the pain.

Tape Your Toes

It might sound like a hack from the medieval times but trust us, this works! Tape your third and fourth fingers of your toes together and the pain of wearing heels will be minimized to a great extent. The science behind this is that most of the pain that you feel while wearing heels come from the nerves located in between the third and the fourth fingers of your toes. Wearing heels enlarges these nerves causing pain. Taping these two fingers together would reduce the enlargement of the nerves that in turn reduces the gap between the tissues reducing the pain.

Opt For Block Or Platform Heels

Block and platform heels are more comfortable compared to the pointy pencil heels. Pencil heels are a classic, granted. However, there’s so much being experimented with the designs of heels that even block and platform heels may catch your eye. The block and platform heels have a greater surface area than the pointy heels which puts less pressure on your foot significantly reducing the pain.

Use Gel Or Padded Inserts

There are different types of shoe inserts that you can use that would act like a cushion for your heels and toes. This will help in absorbing the shock when you wear heels and reduce the pain. You can use heel liners, ball cushions, gel or padded inserts for your heels. These inserts will keep your feet from facing too much pressure or even get shoe burns. They also help in the alteration of the weight distribution which helps with the pain.

Urbee Sarkar

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