Published By: Sreyanshi

Tips you can follow if you plan to get a fish tank

If you've never had a fish tank before and are planning to set up one, read on.

Aquariums are a must-buy if you are a decoration freak person. They are beautifully distracting and also your cat gets his own tv if you build up the perfect aquarium. Alongside, fishes are great pets, they are just a bit hard to understand and require time and observation.

(I) Where to keep:

An aquarium will need natural light from outside and artificial light and a heater inside it so if you have a northeast corner of your room with a power socket it would be ideal for your aquarium, also don't set it near direct sunlight or in a place where the temperature changes now and then. Rapid temperature change or direct sunlight can impact your fish's health or it can even kill them.

(II) Equipment to buy:

Keeping fish, and live plants aside there are other necessary things and you'll need to select the right one for your fish tank. Things such as gravel, heater, and air pump.

•Why heater? You may ask. Because fish can't adjust to any temperature neither can they produce their body heat so they depend on the temperature of the water.

•It is a misconception that gravels are kept for decoration but in real gravels are important because that is where all the dirt and bacteria go instead of getting mixed with aquarium water.

•Also, If you don't have time to buy everything altogether then just buy the aquarium first before buying other equipment so later would be easier to select equipment based on your fish tank's size.

(III) What fishes to select:

As a beginner, you may not be able to keep all the pet fish alive and healthy so it would be a better idea to select hardy fish and aquarium plants.

•If you have a 3-gallon or bigger tank then starting with a Betta would be a good idea, they may look delicate but can live up to 5 years if well cared for. If you are willing to keep more than one fish then you can get Cory fish, Dwarf Gourami, or Comet Goldfish but they require a larger tank to survive compared to Betta fish. At least a 15 gallon tank is needed.

•For plants you can start with moss balls. They are really easy to care for, Christmas moss would also be a great fit. Apart from Moss Java Fern, Vallisneria, and Amazon Sword would make your fish tank an underwater jungle!