Published By: Jayati

Tokyo Nights: 6 Must-Do Adventures!

Tokyo's nightlife is an absolute blast! It's an unforgettable experience that you should definitely try at least once in this lifetime!

Roaming around Tokyo at night gives you a special view of the lively city, revealing its hidden gems. Tokyo stands as one of the most exciting destinations globally, especially when it comes to experiencing its lively nightlife. Today, we've rounded up some must-do adventures so you can make the most of Tokyo after dark!

Asakusa Sensoji

Asakusa Sensoji stands out as a major tourist hotspot in Tokyo's Asakusa area, renowned as the city's oldest Buddhist temple with a rich history spanning over 1,300 years. By day, visitors flock to this historic site, exploring the shops and stalls along Nakamise-dori Street and indulging in a diverse array of traditional Japanese snacks and street food. However, the charm extends into the evening, as the temple, including iconic structures like Kaminari-mon, the main hall, and the symbolic five-story pagoda, is beautifully illuminated until 11 p.m. every night, offering a serene and stunning experience.

Snag a crepe treat in Harajuku

While walking down the vibrant, pedestrian-friendly streets of Harajuku, be sure to grab a quick energy boost from one of the many crêpe stands—an instant pick-me-up with a generous dose of sweetness! As you explore, you'll also come across intriguing shops lining the walkway, and there's no shortage of Instagrammable foods to capture your attention and satisfy your cravings.

Explore a Taito game station 

Dotted throughout Tokyo, these spots promise a fantastic time. Whether you're aiming to snag an anime figurine in a claw game or impressing your friends with your dance moves, they've got it all. Just a heads up, though – the locals are pretty skilled, so brace yourself for some tough competition, especially on the dance floor!

Visit Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station stands as Japan's largest and most renowned train terminal, often serving as the starting point for international travellers embarking on their Tokyo adventure. Beyond its extensive railway connections linking Tokyo to the rest of Japan, the station offers more than just trains. With fantastic shopping areas and dining spots, it's a destination for any time of day. Tokyo Gransta, hosting around 150 shops and restaurants, invites you to explore a variety of foods and grab freshly prepared Bento boxes or memorable gifts. Additionally, First Avenue Tokyo Station, accessible via the Yaesuguchi Exit, is another popular shopping hub seamlessly connected to Tokyo Station.

Dining at Ninja Akasaka  

Situated in Chiyoda-ku, Ninja Akasaka is a captivating ninja-themed restaurant drawing visitors globally with its distinctive dining experiences—where ninjas are your servers! Upon entering, ninja-clad staff warmly welcome you and lead you through dim corridors to a concealed room, where skilled chefs present delicious cuisine. While dining, expect ninjas to intermittently visit your table, delighting you with card tricks and magic and adding an extra layer of entertainment to your meal!

Shopping at Donki 

Cap off your incredible trip with a proper shopping spree! Donki can be the perfect destination for all your shopping needs. From food, cosmetics, toys, clothing, and pet supplies to higher-end products, Donki offers a vast array of items at affordable prices. Stepping into a Donki, you'll find yourself surrounded by endless options. While opening hours vary, many stores operate from 9 a.m. until midnight or even later, with some conveniently open 24 hours a day! Even if you're just browsing, the extensive selection ensures you'll have a fun time, easily spending hours without realising it.

It's truly astounding to discover the wealth this city has for its visitors! We hope that this list will guide you towards what's sure to be an epic adventure in Tokyo at night!