Top 3 spots for fabric shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is your one-stop destination to buy quality fabrics at a reasonable price.

Massive towers that touch the sky, sacred temples that hold rich historic significance, floating markets that remain vibrant all the time, fine restaurants that serve authentic food, trendy clubs that offer a thrill for a lifetime – Bangkok boasts a wide array of attractions that draw the attention of tourists from across the world. However, besides these, the city also seems like a paradise for all the shopping lovers out there. Now, when it particularly comes to fabric shopping, there are endless options across the city. Be it stand-alone shops or mall stores – every corner is dotted with a good range of places where you can get fabrics in various colors and designs. Also, the quality is top-notch, making it highly sought-after among both the Thais as well as foreigners. But out of all the options, you may find it hard to decide which spots are worth checking out. So, in this article, we will discuss the top three spots that are most popular for fabric shopping in the City of Angels.

Pahurat Textile Market: Pahurat Textile Market is one of the best wholesale and retail markets for fabrics in Bangkok. Also known as Little India, this market spreads over a vast area housing lots of shops. It offers all types of fabric materials – which are soft, smooth, and lustrous. People from all over Thailand visit here and purchase fabrics at wholesale prices. In particular, the place is widely famous for selling Thai Silk. Also, it is home to some department stores that trade fabrics to even the neighboring countries. The price is low, but you can still showcase your bargaining skills here.

Chatuchak Weekend Market: Chatuchak Weekend Market, spreading over more than 1.1 square kilometers of land, is the largest market in Thailand. Home to over 15,000 stalls, this market sells almost everything – the list includes clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, paintings, handicrafts, and more. The entire area is divided into 27 separate sections, among which the 10th section is particularly meant for fabric shopping. It offers several types of colorful fabric products at a very affordable price. However, make sure to bring a tour guide for a better experience.

Chinatown: A unique blend of Thai and Chinese culture, Chinatown is mostly famous for serving mouth-watering food at a cheap price. Besides, it is also a must-visit destination for shopping in Bangkok. For fabric shopping, visit Sampeng Lane that appears lively with rows of stalls selling various goods. The fabric materials sold in this market are of high quality, that can be used in clothing projects. For the best experience, visit this market during the day, and not in the evening.

Even if you are not interested in shopping, do visit the above-mentioned markets to catch the authentic vibe of Bangkok city.

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