Top 5 best episodes of Black Mirror

The creator of the show, Black Mirror, once revealed that they got an idea about the show after watching the locked screen of mobile phone.  According to the markers, the black locked screen is scary and uncomfortable. This amazing show has some great episodes.

These are the best episodes of the show and here the reasons why.


Smithereens is an episode which is quite different from rest of the episodes. It is because while Black Mirror’s episodes are generally based in the future, Smithereens talks about the present. It does not talk about the fancy gadgets and change in human behavior but it is based on the social media addiction. The episode features supremely talented Andrew Scott as a cab driver who kidnaps an employee of the company Smithereens which is a social media application. The employee turns out to be only the intern and the episode moves further, revealing the dark side of social media. It is not twisted and brainy like other episodes but it is dark and talks about the present scenario.

The National Anthem

The first ever episode of the show features a black mailer who kidnaps the member of a royal family and demands the Prime Minister to do heinous acts with an animal. The premise of the episode may look far-fetched but it really works for the show. The episode focuses on how technology can enable crime in future.

USS Callister

This episode of the show has a great star cast. For fans of Star Trek and Star Wars, this episode is a gem. It focuses in the life of Jesse Plemons who works in IT sector. An introvert, Jesse does not have the confidence to talk to the females and his co-workers make fun of him because of his personality. He then decides to procure their DNA and make them slave in a video game. In simple words, he turns them into virtual slaves. This episode is a gem in terms of writing and is a great one to watch.

The entire history of you

This is the episode which defines Black Mirror. It is gloomy, dark and makes you uncomfortable and terrified about the technology. This episode focuses on a couple who loves each other but have some issues. It is based in a world where there are microchips inside the human eyes and people record everything they see and live. It helps them in living the moment again and again but it poses a problem for the couple when the man suspects his wife is cheating on her.

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