Top 5 cities around the world which are a shopper’s paradise

These five destinations are perfect for your shopping holidays:

Are you one of those people who wait for the shopping part on a trip? Are you someone who is always on the lookout for shopping destinations rather than sightseeing? Then these five places are for you to visit. These five shopping destinations are a paradise for all shopaholics. If you are looking for the latest trends from some of the top brands these are the places for you. From antiques to brand new trends, these cities have everything a shopper desires, all you need is to bring your credit card.

Milan, Italy

Known for homes to the biggest brands of the world, Milan is one of the most fashionable cities around the world. With brands like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, Milan is among the expensive shopping destinations. The most popular place for shopping in Milan is at Quadrilatero Della Moda or Quadrilaterod’Oro (‘rectangle of gold’). But apart from these expensive tags, there are also wonderful Christmas markets and bazaars which sell at reasonable prices.

Tokyo, Japan

Apart from anime and state of the earth technologies, Tokyo is also known for its wide range of shopping experiences. From cutting edge electronics to colourful anime goods, traditional crafts, trendy fashion and branded goods, Tokyo has practically everything to offer you. Tokyo has some of the renowned fashion streets across the world like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza, etc, which are popular for electronics goods and fashion. Tokyo’s shopping is also surprisingly affordable. According to the Globe Shopper City Index, Tokyo is Asia’s fourth-cheapest shopping destination.

London, United Kingdom

London is one of the top shopping destinations in the world and it outstrips all the other European cities in both the number of shops and availability of international and local brands according to The Globe Shopper City Index. From Oxford Street’s John Lewis and bargain fashion stores like Topshop to elegant Regent Street’s mid-priced fashion outlet to Bond Street and Mayfair, with big names like Burberry and Tiffany & Co and Notting Hill’s vintage and antique offerings, London never disappoints its shoppers.

Paris, France

Paris is known as the Fashion Capital of the world. From elegant bags to classy shoes and sassy dresses to gorgeous accessories, Paris can make you look your best from head to toe. It is also home to the world’s top brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. Paris’ Golden Triangle, which encompasses the Champs-Elysees in the 8th Arrondissement, is the world’s most famous fashion street. Overall Paris is an expensive destination for shopping no doubt but if you want to save a Euro or two, January or August is the best time to visit Paris as it offers biennial sales at that time.

New York

The most happening city in the world, New York, is a dream city for everyone. But not only does it offer a modern lifestyle and great nightlife, but it also offers the best shopping experience in the world. From every major fashion and retail outlet to thousands of boutique and vintage shops, New York offers everything to its shoppers. The best part about New York’s shopping scene is that it has diversity in style and interpretations of chic. It has a dedicated market for its diverse goods like there are malls like Time Warner Centre, boutiques in SoHo, high-end brands on Fifth Avenue, pop-up shops in Bryant Park and Union Square, and flea markets in Brooklyn. So next time if you are planning to go on a shopping holiday, New York should be on top of your list.

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