Top 5 Indian crime web series to watch

Watch these Indian crime web series to keep yourself on the edge of your seat.

From suspense to gut-wrenching murders, Indian crime web series have it all. While shows like Money Heist are famous in India, creators in India also creating excellent crime series content that helps the audience understand the depth of cinema.They guarantee to have you hooked to their chairs all day and night long.

Here we will give you a list of the top five Indian crime web series you must watch.

Sacred Games

We are sure you would have heard of the famous show, Sacred Games. The show has gained millions of fans not only in India but also worldwide. It depicts the story of a man, Sartaj Singh, who saves Mumbai from an unknown threat that could be very dangerous for the city. While the second season of the series faced criticism, the first season is interesting.


PataalLok has described the reality of India in a good way. It follows the story of a cop, who is assigned to investigate the murder case of journalists. As the show progresses, it dives deeper into the characters and how they were forces by authorities. Since its release in 2020, it has gained a lot of fans.


Combining both mythology and crime, Asurhas a unique concept that makes it a thrilling web series. The story revolves around a cop who is kidnapped by a mythical serial killer. While many people did not like the plotline of the show, the presentation is intriguing that will make you binge watch it in one sitting.


A remake of an Israeli series with the same name, Hostages is about a doctor’s family who is held hostage by a group wanting her to assassinate a political figure during surgery. The show is essentially about the dilemma between ethics and family, which is dealt with in a captivating way owing to the unique cast and characters.


The first season of the show explored the love of a father who is on a run to save his son’s life against time. The basic plot of the series is “What can you do to make your people breathe?” The cat and mouse chase in the series will have you biting your nails. The show also had a sequel titled “Breathe: Into the Shadows.”

Grab the popcorn, your favourite blanket and get bingeing!

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