Top 5 Indian web series about friendship

Friendship day might not be around the corner, but you shouldn’t need any reason to celebrate ‘friendship’, it can be celebrated anytime anywhere. So call up your friend and binge-watch these amazing shows and celebrate the most beautiful bond in humankind…Friendship.

Friendship is that one bond that never changes with time, irrespective of time, place and situation, friendship remains the same as it was in the beginning. People may come and go in your life but a true friend always stays with you. So why not celebrate this relationship? And what could be a better way than binging together?  ‘Because remember who binges together stays together.

So switch on your laptop, get the popcorn and celebrate this beautiful bond by watching these amazing web series on friendship:

Ladies Room – YouTube

This tale of two women and the craziest situations they possibly could be in. It is about Dingo and Khanna who are in their 20s and their daily struggle.  If you want to celebrate the constant support embedded with relatable jokes, this YouTube series is something you should watch with your friends.

Kota Factory- TVFPlay / YouTube

One of the finest web series of our time, this TVF production wins the heart of all after its first episode got uploaded on YouTube. It is a story about the student life which every kid in India experiences, a journey to the IITs. The show beautifully portrays the bonding between friends and the power of friendship. It is something every one of this generation will relate to.

Life Sahihai – Zee 5

If you have loved  PyarKaPunchnama, this is surely your kinda story, because it’s from the makers of PyaarKaPunchnama only.  Like their other stories, it’s also an easy, breezy show on male bonding. The show revolves around the lives of 4 guys who came to New Delhi from various parts of India to make a bright career. And in this journey, they faced many challenges but despite all, they did not leave each other. The show depicts the real essence of friendship and thus it is something friends will enjoy watching together.

TVF Pitchers -TVFPlay / YouTube

One of the Cult Classic in the web genre, TVF Pitchers is one of the most loved web series. It is the story of today’s generation with 4 best friends, Jitu, Yogi, Naveen, and Mandal quitting their jobs to develop their start-up business. It beautifully portrays the youngsters of today’s generation who are facing a huge depression while coping with the immense workload and other challenges in life.

Aspirants – TVFPlay / YouTube

One of the most talked and most appreciated web series in recent times, Aspirants is less about aspiring for IAS and more about celebrating friendship. Beautiful portrayal of the struggle of UPSC aspirants, this web series juggles the different emotions of humans. The show doesn’t just feature the goals and ambitions of UPSC aspirants, but also their vulnerabilities and failures. It teaches the importance of relationships and hope.

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