Top 5 Innovative Party Theme Ideas for Party Planners

To part or not to part; to be or not to be held – party!

Party planners have the difficult task of organizing and decorating the entire scene for an event of a few hours. And the time it takes to prepare for the same is massive. Here we look at some party themes which might end up being innovative and maybe more fun than expected.

Time Traveller’s Party : It’s going to be old and new. As if it always was yet never is. The olden classics and the modern tales. Pictures of old and new, 10 years ago and now. And maybe keep one of those picture apps which tell you what you’ll look like ten years from now? Set in a subtly lit room of your house this party theme might just turn out to be a new of the old one.

Blind Party : How about no decorations or anything at all? Fluorescent markers would mark the walls and floors while the people gather around those dim lights where it is marked for lounge or food. Wouldn’t that be one heck of a Halloween?

Cosplay Party: Speaking of Halloween, what if the dress ups aren’t just for the sake of frightening people or theming it up with ghosts? What if you could dress up as your favourite anime character? Or it could be from a Gatcha, manga, light novel or anything under the sun which looks really cool for that matter. But of course, this theme comes with themed decorations which are based on anime, manga, light novels or Gatcha. With trivia contests on just those topics.

Red Party : Imagine a party where everyone wears clothes of a particular hue and everything else is decorated in that particular colour. What about red? Red suit, red tie, and maybe a white shirt to complement. And then we have red skirts with red shoes and well pretty much everything that’s red. Give your guests glasses of their desired colours and lo and behold – the wizard’s Emerald City is thine. And not just emerald, it can be ruby, sapphire and well, imagination’s the limit.

Futterwacken – Lewis Carol’s Memory : Let there be a party where people speak and read English words which never existed in the dictionary. Words made up by a person who spoke from the heart and had to often use words which didn’t have the meanings done in English. To celebrate a person who was able to see and write beyond the language of the general folk, let’s do one through the looking glass in Carol’s memory.

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