Top 5 Most Beautiful University Campuses in the World

University campuses have always been witnessed as repositories of history, and their architectural excellence has often left students and tourists in awe.

World’s most beautiful university campuses are often an amalgamation of vast spaces, intriguing history, iconic buildings and magnificent architecture. These campuses have an interesting history that often reflects the history of the town where they are located. Many of these are includes in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and are great tourist destinations as well.

Swipe down to have a look at the top 5 most beautiful campuses from around the world.

  1. Harvard University

Spread across 209 acres of lush green space, Harvard University is a prestigious Ivy League research university in Massachusetts, USA. While the Harvard Yard houses the main libraries, central administrative offices, academic buildings, Memorial Church, and dormitories for freshmen, nine of the 12 residential houses are located south of the Harvard Yard. Almost 300 years of America’s architectural history is portrayed through the many building styles that can be witnessed here.

  1. Oxford University, England

Dating back to 1167, the prestigious Oxford University in England is among the oldest in the western world. Almost all major architectural style in the English history finds representation here, making it a must-visit destination for tourists worldwide. It even featured in Harry Potter movies as Hogwarts’ Great Hall.

  1. University of Cambridge, England

Cambridge is undoubtedly one of the world’s best and most beautiful universities. The expansive university campus is home to 29 underground colleges, each of which displays a unique architecture and design. Adding a dreamy touch to the campus is the winding River Cam.

  1. Yale University, Connecticut

Yale University is another prestigious Ivy League university that has made it to our list of world’s most beautiful campuses. Located in New Haven and founded in 1701, the university is renowned for its Collegiate Gothic architecture but is also home to many iconic modern buildings like Louis Kahn’s Yale Art Gallery and Center for British Art.

  1. University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Founded in 1819, the University of Virginia is said to be Thomas Jefferson’s ‘proudest accomplishment.’ The highlight of the campus is the rotunda, a Palladian-style building which is said to be inspired by Rome’s Pantheon.

Lucky are those who get to study in these prestigious universities. Others who have not been so fortunate can definitely keep them in their itineraries during the next vacation!

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