Top 5 museums in Bangkok

These museums offer a deep insight into Thailand’s rich art, culture, as well as history.

While planning a trip to Bangkok, most tourists skip the museums on their bucket lists. But trust me, if you do so, then you’ll be missing out on something really interesting. Thailand boasts a rich heritage that involves numerous kingdoms over thousands of years. So, without exploring that, your trip to the country will surely remain incomplete. And precisely, there’s no better option than visiting some of the many museums located across the city of Bangkok. Along with history, those museums also give you an excellent opportunity to understand the country’s art, culture, and traditions. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the five most popular museums that you simply cannot afford to miss in The City of Angels.

Bangkok National Museum

Located inside The Grand Palace, Bangkok National Museum houses a rare collection of Thai art, artifacts, handicrafts, furniture, and more. The museum was founded by King Rama V in the late 18th century. The entire area has a number of buildings, each showcasing different types of collections. Here, do take a guided tour to get the best experience.

Museum of Siam

Spreading over 3000 square meters of land, the Museum of Siam showcases a lot depicting the cultural evolution of Siam (Thailand’s former name). The museum consists of a large neoclassical building that looks amazing with wooden stairs, ceramic tiles, and more. There is a theatre hall where you can watch some films.

Jim Thompson House Museum

Jim Thompson was an American businessman who is credited for reviving the Thai Silk industry in the 1950s. He constructed several teak houses, one of which is now the famous Jim Thompson House Museum. Nestled in lush green trees, the museum houses the collections of Thompson – which includes paintings, figurines, porcelain, wall hangings, and more. Also, it hosts many art exhibitions throughout the year.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Opened in 2008, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is the go-to destination for all the artists living in Bangkok city. Spreading over a vast area of 4000 square meters, the complex consists of a huge building, spectacular galleries, a library, some cafes, and more. It hosts some amazing exhibitions regularly that features Bangkok’s contemporary art. Apart from that, it is also a popular spot for music, theatre, photography, etc.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Commonly known as MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art is the largest art museum in Bangkok. The gallery showcases lots of art pieces from the collection of Boonchai Bencharongkul – who was a renowned art enthusiast. It also has some spectacular works of famous Thai artists like Lumpu Kansanoh, Thawan Duchanee, among others.

Some other popular museums in Bangkok are Bangkokian Museum, The Erawan Museum, Siriraj Medical Museum, etc.

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