Top 5 places in India for outdoor shooting

Explore the beauty of India through your lens.

Photography is a passion for many people and as a photographer you will not find a better place than India. There is plenty to offer for everyone and even more for photographers in India. If you are passionate about photography or shooting, India is one of the best places that you don’t want to miss.


Culture lives in this holy city. The bright colours define this place and make it a photographer’s paradise. All types of people are present in the ghats along the sacred aisle including sadhus, priests, people performing rituals and people lost in the spiritual atmosphere of the place.


If you want to capture the hustle and bustle of a busy city  in your pictures, Kolkata is the place to be. With dozens of places to visit, see and click, the city offers eye candy, especially for street photographers. With a wide range of attractions, from tea vendors, rickshaws and markets to major festivals like Durga Puja, Kolkata is a must-see city for photographers.


A land of magnificent forts and scenic dunes, Rajasthan is a top destination for any travel photographer. Bright colours, rustic folk music and bustling shopping streets across the state can captivate anyone. Rajasthan is full of sights. Here you can enjoy the magnificent palaces of the ‘City of Lakes’ – Udaipur, the forts of the ‘Pink City’ – Jaipur, the bustling markets of the blue city -Jodhpur and the Desert Safari “The Golden City”-Jaisalmer.


Ladakah, another hilly place full of monasteries, nestled among the peaks of nature in the far north of India,  amazes with its heavenly views. The landscape is varied, from steep rocky areas to sandy valleys and pristine blue lakes. There are many Buddhist monasteries here, clinging to sheer cliffs. Pangong Lake, Nubra and Zanskar valleys are the main clickable landscapes. Buddhist monks, natural wonders, mountains touching the clouds, Tibetan festivals, snow leopards and red foxes are other privileged subjects to photograph.

Old Delhi

If the bustling people and hidden streets anywhere in the bustling capital of India – Delhi, allow you to calm down and shift to the  slower old times, then in street photography, Old Delhi or Purani Dilla must not miss.


The beautiful backwaters stretching across the pristine land of Kerala is one of the wonderful places for wildlife photographers to admire with their lens. Iconic palm groves, boats and barges, local festivals, indigenous cultural scenes, beaches and monuments of different religions are something you cannot see anywhere else in the world.

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