Published By: Ed Powers

Top 5 Songs That Have Earned The Highest Royalties In The World

A hit song brings its singers instant recognition and a boatload of cash to whoever owns the copyright to that song. It's big business afterall

A hit song not only brings name and fame but rakes in a ton of moolah as well. Royalties role in every time it is used or referenced in professional online casino österreich media. Read here about the top five money spinning songs of all times.

Most humans on earth might have sung the first song in this list, little knowing that it is actually not permissible to sing it in non-intimate gatherings. Everytime it's heard in the professional entertainment media, it gets royalty. Intrigued? Read about it and the top five money spinning songs of all times.

Happy Birthday By The Hill Sisters (1893)

Kindergarten teachers, The Hill sisters penned this birthday song for their class wayback in 1893. In 1991 Warne Chapel bought the rights for $15 million and are reportedly raking in $5000 a day, 2 million a year in royalties, schweizer online casinos from this song, which till date has brought in $50 million in total.

White Christmas By Irving Berlin (1940)

Christmas themed songs have traditionally been big movers and there's no better than this in its category. The version by Bing crosby sold more than hundred million copies worldwide making it the best selling version in music history. So far this song has reportedly earned $36 million.

You’ve Lost That Feeling By Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil And Phil Spector (1964)

Legendary producer Phil Spector suggested singers, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, husband-wife, to add the now famous, "and he is gone, gone, gone, Whoa, whoa, whoa", who did so only reluctantly. Righteous Brothers recorded it in 1986 for the Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun, to a massive reckoning worldwide. On of most played songs in radio history, Ghostwriter Hausarbeit this song, covered more than 2200 times by various artists, has generated $32 million thus far.

Yesterday By John Lennon And Paul McCartney (1965)

Hundred percent of the song is written by Paul McCartney but 50% of the credit and royalty also goes to John Lennon, as per an agreement between them. Being the second most rotated song in radio land ever, it makes its till date valuation of  $30 million, believable.

Unchained Melody By Alex North And Hy Zaret (1955)

Again a Righteous Brothers' version in a movie is at play. Written by, North and Zaret, it was originally an OST of an unknown 1955 movie, Unchained. ghostwriter klausur Though the song was well crafted - 650 different versions of it exist - it wasn't till the 1965 RB's version was used in a 1990 blockbuster, Ghost, starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, that it broke big. It is estimated to have gathered about $27.5 million, in all.