Top 5 Tv Shows that every home decor enthusiast should watch

These five shows will give you an idea of how a house can be turned into a dream home

We all have thought of building a dream house at some point in our lifetime.

A home that will reflect our personality and will have every small element that defines us. Whether you are a budding interior decorator or not, all of us have thought about decorating our house in our own unique way. But when it comes to reality,  we find ourselves in total confusion without having a single clue. We don’t know what to put where and how and what colour to go for. All of these decisions seem like life-changing decisions and ultimately creates huge pressure on us. But thanks to these lifestyle shows which doesn’t only provide us with the solution but also give us the basic idea about home decor. These five TV shows on home decor give us the total knowledge about the interior of a house and how it can be decorated and renovated according to your convenience:

Gok’sFill your home for free

Aired on Fox Life, Gok’s Fill your house for free is an amazing show for all the people who want to renovate their house without investing a single penny. The show is all about recycling and reusing old existing furniture and giving them a new look. It will also interest people who are into DIYs and crafts.

Good Homes

Good Homes mainly features extraordinary home makeovers. This show is aired on TLC and is more about utilizing space. The show is perfect for people who are into design and architecture. It mainly speaks about the technicalities and has proper expert talks.

Luxe Interiors

Hosted by Celebrity architect SaketSethi, this show on NDTV GoodTimes brings you great home décor tips. They travel across the country to let us have a glimpse of some of the most well decorated and luxurious interiors and introduce the brilliant minds behind them. The programme dissected into different parts like DIY lessons, celeb house visits, hottest new trends, etc.

Design HQ

If you want to peek into your favourite celebrity’s home, this show will help you get there. For Life’s show Design HQ is all about decoding the designs and space. In this show, popular architect and host SaketSethi visits Bollywood celebrities’ houses and learns about how they have designed and utilised their space.

Small Budget Big Makeover

This is one of the most popular home decor shows. As the name suggests this show will teach you how you can change your look of the house with a very limited budget. The best part of this show is that it shows everything from the scratch, from what the owners want to how to get it done. It shows everything from recycling, DIY to going out and buying stuff. This show of NDTV Good Times is a complete guide to a home makeover which is a treat to every home decor enthusiast.

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