Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

Top 5 web series by TVF

These five web series are the best representation of life.

TVF or The Viral Fever has etched its name on people's minds with its refreshing content and mindblowing representation. From comedy to dramas, TVF has always been versatile about its content and has presented one of India's most groundbreaking web series. Starting from portraying young student's life to the young entrepreneurs to government employees, TVF has tried to show the different phases of the life of the young generation. Even going through the IMDB ratings of the Indian shows, you will find out that 6 out of the top 10 Indian shows are from TVF, so there is no doubt about how much impact these shows had on the audiences. So here is the list of TVF's top five shows to date.


Gullak is a story about a middle-class family and its day-to-day issues. It shows the Mishra family living in the heart of India and the sweet memories that they share as a unit.  The name 'Gullak' here denotes the piggy bank of precious memories.  The show depicts the lives of most Indian families, their day-to-day struggles, happiness, everything. However, the best part of the show is its relatable characters and aesthetics. The show has a total of two seasons to date. 


With a heavy star cast of Jitender Kumar, Nina Gupta, and Raghubir Yadav, Panchayat is the tale about the roots of India. The story follows the journey of Jitender Kumar, an engineer who takes up a job as a secretary in the village panchayat for being unemployed for a long time. The show is about his daily struggles to cope with his work environment, where he feels like an alien. It has used satires and dry humour to propagate a serious message. The whole treatment of the show makes it very different from others and, thus, has won many hearts.


Aspirants are a series that taught the generation of young adults in India a new lesson. The story shows the life of IAS aspirants' lives and how this one exam UPSC has changed several lives in the country. It showcases the struggle and drama that goes on behind the making of an IAS or CSE. If you are in search of serious food for thought, this show is for you. Unfortunately, it only has one season to date.


The story of Pitchers showcases the start-up industry, and it shows the struggle behind the opening of a start-up and its issues. This 2015 drama is about four friends who quit their jobs to build their start-up. It is an inspirational story filled with some great comic scenes. In today's world, the story is very much relatable and has won millions of hearts. But, unfortunately, it only has one season to date.

Kota Factory

The biggest hit of the TVF, the Kota factory, has given rise to the character Jeetu and made Jitender Kumar the key player of the TVF dramas. Kota Factory is, to date, the most relatable and authentic show of TVF. It is all about the dream of the Indian youngsters to study in an IIT and becoming top-class engineers. The story shows the city of Kota, which is prevalent for coaching for the IITs and follows the life of kid  Vaibhav who is coming to Kota with a dream in his eyes,  leaving everything behind. It shows the blood and sweats behind every student, teaches some of the greatest lessons of life. It has two seasons, where the one is available on YouTube and TVFplay, the second was premiered on Netflix.