Top 6 Fashion Trends In Thailand

A fashionista at heart? Here is where you should take your inspiration from.

From New York to Milan, fashion passionates travel worldwide, quenching their style thirst with new fashion trends to follow. Be it flirting with gothic style or embracing the Roman dresses, here is how Thailand is ruling the world with its Fastrack changing trends that are so good to roll with.

The Best Of Monochrome-

The first big hit that got us all drooling was monochrome. For centuries black and white has been helping mankind look stunning no matter where you go. If you want to stand out as an elite with your dress, try keeping the variation of colours to a minimum and stick to the effortlessly chic design that will help you pull off your look like no other.

The ’70s Are Here-

Fashion keeps coming back in circles and brings the best of a century in turns. The 70’s style was too deep to be copied just whole. It is still used in scrapes and bits to create new trends. Be it juxtaposing patterns, silhouettes or flawless feminine dresses, ts all in it. You can use up as much denim and florals as you want. As long as it’s retro, you are in trend.

Gingham To Florals-

Gingham prints are all you need to be called in fashion this falls. Succumb to the non-traditional style with designers working the way to charm you off your feet. More the florals, more the feminine elegance showers out of you.

Loose Fits-

Gone are the days when the slim fit was trending, and the tighter was better. Now you can breathe and let your legs breathe as clothes just got more comfortable with evolving trend! You can enjoy its looks with losing fir crop top, and you are good to go.

Strapped Shoes-

Why wear covered shoes in the summer when you can enjoy strappy and beaded footwear. You can go as colourful as you want and not worry about getting sand in your toes.

Quirky Hats-

Hats never really go out of fashion, and when you are in a beach lined country, you will never run out of opportunities to flaunt them. Be it cotton or cane, it’s always soothing to protect your face from the sun with a beautiful oversized hat. You can also customise it with a thin-lined belt or a scarf to give it a fashionable look.

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