Top 6 Features of the New Parliament Building

Eagerly awaited by October 2022, here are some mindboggling features of the new Indian Parliament building that the whole world can’t wait to see!

Done and dusted by the Bhoomi puja(laying foundation) of the new Parliament House in New Delhi by our very own PM Narendra Modi on 10th Dec 2020, the 40-40 square kilometre office space will be open to all MP’s in the housing complex of Parliament by October 2022. As reviewed by officials of Ministers of Urban Affair and Lok Sabha Secretariat, the construction could open doors to the employment of over 41 lakh man-days. The Rs 100 million GST and a total of Rs 971 crore brings us a new parliament building with the interesting facts we would love to catch up on.

The present old Parliament has a central hall to capacitate over 436 people. The joint sessions of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were conducted in the central hall that could fit not more than 200 chairs. The only solution to beat the insecurity of the space problem was to shift to a new and Bigger Parliament house. The recent Lok Sabha will be designed to seat 1,272 people.

  1. Seats In Lok Sabha-

The new Parliament will have seating arrangement for 888 MP’s in the Lok Sabha. Improving the problem of the formal building that could hold only 552 MP’s, the number of members is likely to increase in the upcoming years that could be solved with saving up seats for the future MP’s!

  1. Seats In The Rajya Sabha-

Expanding the initial capacity of 245 seats, the new building will have a provision of 384 seats. Even if the number of MP’s of Rajya Sabha increase, there will be no problem in future accommodating them.

  1. Earthquake Safety-

The new Parliament building is designed to withstand tough shockwaves. The creation of the building on Zone 4 has a greater risk of tremors than the zone 2 the initial Parliament resides on.

  1. Peacock And Lotus Flower Theme-

The dual theme of Lotus for the Rajyasabha and Peacock for the Loksabha is both symbolic and beautiful. The national flower and the national bird are represented most beautifully and artistically in the interiors of the building.

  1. Modern Facility For Seats-

On the seventy-fifth anniversary of Independence, the country will be gifted with a parliament with high tech facilities on every seat. The multimedia display on the desk of every MP is something every Indian can be proud of.

  1. Public Parliament House-

Once it is made and open to MP’s, it is available for people to visit. The eco-friendly building that saves up to 30 % electricity, harvests rainwater and generates power through solar energy is something the entire world can take inspiration from.

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