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Top big budgeted failures in Bollywood

Filmmaking is an expensive hobby. You cannot make a movie without a budget. It is not like other art forms like dancing or singing which you can perform anytime and at anywhere. Movies require lots of money and that is the reason why producers hope for the best openings on Friday.

When we say filmmaking is an expensive business, it means really expensive. It is the most expensive form of storytelling known to mankind. It is because when you write something on a piece of paper, it does not require any kind of money or budget. In your story, you can write about hero saving the heroine by flying straight from the hot air balloon to earth surface but ij filming the same, you may need a proper cast and crew with all the logistics to pull that scene. This adds to the budget of a movie. When a big budgeted movie fails, it sometimes ends the career of the lead cast and even the producer. Let’s talk about some of the big budgeted failures of Indian cinema.

Bombay Velvet

There is no doubt about the fact that Anurag Kashyap is a terrific filmmaker. The man knows how to make movies in small budgets with lots of constraints. However, when the same guy had a budget of 100 crores to make a movie, he failed. It is because the lot has gone into the making of set for the film, which recreated the Bombay of old times. The collaboration between Anurag Kashyap and Ranbir Kapoor is something which should have been the talk of the town but for unknown reasons people avoided the movie. This led to heavy loss for the producers.


Salman Khan is a bame synonymous with blockbuster in Bollywood. The actor has given many hits in his career. His fan following is hige and it is said that people can even watch him eating biryani on screen but the actor had to witness a huge failure in the firm of Radhe. The movie was an spiritual sequel to Wanted, the movie which re-established Salman Khan as the superstar but somehow the actor failed to impress the audience with his performance.


One of the biggest setback for the film industry in this decade is the failure of Saaho. The pan India film is directed by Sujeeth and starred Prabhas, the actor who gave biggest hit in Indian cinema, Baahubali. People were expecting a lot from Saaho but its poor storyline and above average performances by the actors let everyone down.

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