Top CBS-Equipped Scooters in India

Since India is a price-sensitive market, the majority of the scooters in India are sold without ABS. However, to ensure safety, manufacturers add CBS

If you are planning to purchase a scooter in India, you know there are very limited scooters in the country with ABS. The ones equipped with ABS are expensive and therefore, most of them are not accessible to the middle-class masses. This is the area where CBS or combined braking system comes into play. It may not be as efficient as ABS, but it does the job of making the daily rides extra safe. Thus, scooters with CBS are worshipped in India. In this feature, we have listed the best CBS-equipped scooters purchasable in the nation. 

Vespa SXL 125- The Vespa SXL 125 is an expensive scooter with a price tag of around INR 1.30 lakh. However, the price tag is a lot less when compared to the scooters with ABS in the Indian market. Overall, the Vespa SXL 125 is a great scooter but honestly, we dislike the 9.78hp at 7,500rpm and 9.6Nm at 5,500rpm of power and torque numbers. However, the Vespa scooter is a sublime offering from the Italian brand and therefore, it is worth the 1.30 lakh tag. 

Ola S1 Pro- Writing about scooters and not mentioning the all-new Ola S1 Pro electric scooter would be a sin. For those potential patrons who are concerned about the increasing pollution, the S1 Pro is one of the best electric scooters in the Indian market that is equipped with CBS. The S1 Pro is available at INR 1.10 lakh, that is powered by an 8,500-watt motor and offers a mileage of around 180 kilometres when the battery pack is fully charged. The electric motor generates peak torque of 58Nm along with a claimed top speed of 115 kilometres per hour. 

TVS Ntorq 125- We gave you a classic scooter, an electric scooter, and in this paragraph, let us take you through the TVS Ntorq 125 sporty scooter. The Ntorq 125 is the sportiest 125cc scooter available in the Indian market. The scooter draws power from a 124.8cc engine that is tuned to make a peak power of 10hp and a maximum torque of 10.8Nm. Both the disc and drum variants of the scooter are available with CBS. Last but not the least, the scooter has a price tag of INR 73,000-85,000.

Rohit Chatterjee

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Rohit Chatterjee is a bona fide moto-enthusiast who has worked with several media houses in his brief career. Chatterjee mostly writes features and news articles related to automobiles and motorsports. When not working, he is found on the interstate clocking over 100kmph on his NS200!
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