Top cheapest countries to visit from India

Visiting a foreign land is always a dream for many. However, it is not easy to visit different countries because they cost you a lot. Here are some lesser known nations where you can enjoy your holidays and they will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Let’s take a look at some cheapest countries which you can visit from India.

Nepal – Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country is affectionately called the land of mountains as it has many attractive mountains in valleys. It is home to serenity and breathtaking views. You can visit places like Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal it will not cost you much. It is because the strength of Nepalese currency is weaker as compared to Indian rupee. You can get the things at a half rate from Nepal and also stay there for a week within a budget. Due to this reason, it has become people’s favorite destination in the recent times who visit there in search of peace and end up saving a lot while staying.

Bali – The craze of visiting islands was always there but it affected south Asia only few years back. The tourism industry has witnessed a shift as many people have decided to go to islands instead of big European tours in recent years. Bali is one of the most sought out destinations of tourists who wants to be there to experience the blue waters and amazing beaches. You will be surprised to know that even after being so much in talks, Bali is not an expensive place for Indians and you can visit there in low price.

Japan – Japan is known for its architecture and fast paced life. It is one of the most technologically superior nations in the world. The country, despite many setbacks, has built itself to be the most developed country in terms of roads, infrastructure and environment. People have a wrong notion that Japan is an expensive place to visit even though the reality is totally different. Japan is a big country but it is a cheap holiday option for Indians who will not have to spend much as compared to other developed nations.

Vietnam – Indians can visit Vietnam in a pocket friendly budget. In fact, a trip to Vietnam might costs less than your trip to another part of India because of the currency of Vietnam and its inflation rate. You can take packages offered by travel companies or make your own schedule according to where do you want to spend your time and how much.

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