Top color combinations in linen that can make your room look better

To make your decision easier, here are a few combinations of linen.

These two tones never fail to impress as you all know, linen sheets are just the go-to things when you decide to put them on your bed to make it look more beautiful and attractive.

Pink Clay and Terracotta

The range at Byron Bay has been swathed in a neutral and warm color palette as these tones give a Spanish aesthetic touch to your home in order to create cocooning retreat in the bedroom.

Turmeric and Terracotta

A sure-fire way in order to experience a cheery ambiance in your bedroom, this color combination is for you to rely on. This brings a rich and luscious aesthetic to the bedroom and is even better when paired with Terracotta which creates an elegant and soft sleep sanctuary.

Rust and Terracotta

In order to create a homely and cozy environment, specifically rust feeds warmth and energy to the room. It is a wintry evening spent fireside or reminiscent of balmy summer nights, Terracotta is an earth-toned as well as luxurious color inspired by light clay ceramics that eventually lighten the darkest of rooms. In short, they are matches made in heaven.

Limoncello and Turmeric

Wake up to a sunny disposition with heartwarming yellow hues, that bubbly look proposes a fresh as well as warm aesthetic to celebrate your new colorway called Limoncello. It is a perfectly pale yellow that has been complemented by Turmeric as well as a richer shade of yellow.


Minimalists would love this combination of beige that is subtle yet injects warmth into any bedroom. This beige shade is appropriate for all seasons, as it looks fresh which means it also offers timeless appeal and feels.

Sage and Olive stripe

Convert your bedroom into something related to calming oasis with tranquil tones of Olive stripe and Sage. These combinations of verdant hues are similar to two peas in a pod and eventually, this combination helps to create a sophisticated and chic look. 

Oatmeal and turmeric

If you are among those who; love warm neutral tones, then go for a turmeric and oatmeal pairing as these two continue to stand out for a good reason as said by a few famous interior designers also.

Oatmeal and Terracotta

Consider adding a Terracotta shade to feel the subtle pop of color in your bedroom as this earth-toned rich colorway was highly inspired by light clay ceramics that would offer a touch of serenity.

To make your bedroom look beautiful with a touch of serenity, try these combos to feel fresh whenever you wake up and go to sleep.


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