Top Countries with Most Electric Vehicles

Several countries in the world have agreed to prohibit the use of conventional internal combustion vehicles


To curb the rising pollution around the world, several countries have decided to ban the use of conventional internal combustion vehicles forever. In recent years, the production and purchase of electric vehicles have spiralled into a movement as individuals around the realm are choosing electric vehicles to do their part in the battle against raging pollution. Surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has not formed an enormous dent in the electric vehicles industry as several provinces have made a giant leap in the same field. So, which country is leading the pack? 


Norway- Norway leads the pack as the country sells 80,000 electric vehicles a year, which means it sells 148 electric vehicles per 10,000 individuals. The country did so by presenting several incentives and waiving off taxes (toll and vehicle tax) on electric vehicles. The country also waived off heavy custom tariffs on electric vehicles, which made the cars pocket-friendly and accessible to people. 


Sweden- The second place in the world is captured by Sweden as the country sells 41 electric vehicles per 10,000 individuals. Electric vehicles are extraordinarily famous in the Nordic regions. Around 28 per cent of Sweden’s automobile market is occupied and owned by electric vehicles manufacturer as the country sold close to 57,000 fully electric/plug-in hybrid in the initial three quarters of the year 2020. 


Netherlands- Smart decisions by the government to make electric vehicles popular in the country have put the Netherlands ahead of several other countries in the race of electric vehicles adoption. The Dutch government offers different kinds of incentives to electric vehicle buyers, which makes it pleasanter for the patrons to acquire electric cars. In the fiscal year 2020, 21 per cent of the newly registered vehicles in the Netherlands were fully electric vehicles whereas 4 per cent were plug-in hybrid vehicles. 


China- No, we have not added China because it runs the peak number of electric vehicles in the world. The reason we have included China in the list is that it dictates the electric vehicles manufacturing market in the world. The Asian country sells over one million electric vehicles in a single year. When it comes to the usage of electric vehicles in China, the country sells only seven electric vehicles per 10,000 persons. 

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