Published By: Puja Sinha

Top Cycling Destinations in the World

Heavenly destinations to pedal swiftly and without a care in the world

Planning to drift away for a couple of weeks on a cycle? Venture beyond the known confinements to stumble upon a world unparalleled in its beauty and serenity. As you cycle in these terrains, you make memories to cherish for several lifetimes.

These routes are essentially chalked out after careful examination of their resources, accessibility, natural beauty, and adventure which cumulatively add to the joie de vivre.

La Ruta de los Conquistadores, Costa Rica

An arduous journey through rainforest, coffee plantation and extinct volcano, this route stretches from the Pacific to Caribbean coasts and could be covered within three days. What makes Costa Rica ideal for cycling is its abundance of bio-diversity, dedicated routes for cyclists, and insane availability of information on blogs and websites. Also, the favoured cycling seasons sync with holidays and festivities which further render Costa Rica a darling company. At La Ruta de los Conquistadores, cyclists follow a tradition to end the ride by taking a dip in the Caribbean—the last stop.

The Insta-Worthy La Route Verte, Canada

The rugged terrain of La Route Verte appeals to cyclists who traverse across the world to bask in the glorious beauty of Canada. The route spans 3,200 miles across Quebec—from east to west. You would be delighted with the mixed-use trails here which pump up the adrenaline. Cycling on this route allows you to explore the nearby attractions, also preferable for a ride, Parc linéaire des Bois-Francs, Twin Covered Bridges and the City of Magog—an insanely picturesque township with panoramic views of Lake Memphremagog.

The Mountainous Toubkal, Morocco

Toubkal arranges a nine-day cycling rendezvous in the eerie serenity of the mountain and desert regions; cycling through the precarious uphill and downhill routes remains the most fascinating aspect of Toubkal. Traversing through the Huz plain to Toubkal—the highest peak in Morocco, is a dreamy affair. The community offers a plethora of backpacking packages in the region – quite an opportunity if you are a sucker for navigating new horizons.

The Abandoned Munda Biddi Trail, Australia

One of the most epic and offbeat regions in the world, this trail requires devotion and perhaps serious commitment with months’ of rigorous training. Starting from the capital Perth and stretching till the far southwest, the trail is undoubtedly one of the premier long cycling routes meandering through discarded rolling pastures, a wide range of forests and quaint, forgotten towns.