Published By: Rohit Chatterjee

Top Electric Cycles From Motorcycle Manufacturers

If you love motorcycle brands such as Ducati and KTM, but you are a cyclist, not a motorcyclist; worry not because these brands have given birth to a few great electric cycles

Brands such as Ducati and KTM are famous in the world for motorcycles. Be it road-legal motorcycles or motorcycles for motorsports, such brands have made a name for themselves in the world of two-wheelers. However, for reasons unknown, these brands also ventured into the world of cycling.

In the past few years, several major motorcycle manufacturers have given birth to electric cycles. And in the following paragraphs, we have listed those electric cycles.

Three models from Ducati

Ducati entered the world of electric cycles with its MIG-S all-mountain electric cycle. The scooter is powered by a Shimano EP8 engine that makes 85Nm of power and has four-piston brakes along with RockShox suspension. The company also produces three more cycles: TK-01RR for enduro runs, Futa for roads and E-Scrambler for roads and off-roading.

Over 50 from KTM

While other motorcycle manufacturers have a small portfolio of electric cycles, KTM produces over 100 models of electric cycles and cycles. The company has huge line-ups under various genres such as MTB fully, MTB hardtail, off-road/hybrid, on-road/trekking, city and youngsters/kid. Note that most of the cycles under these genres are premium vehicles and therefore, they flaunt hefty price-tags.

BMW Motorrad

When it comes to cycles and electric cycles, BMW Motorrad offers only a handful of models. In the electric cycles department, the company offers two models: BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike Bluewater Metallic and Urban Hybrid E-BikeMatt Black. The first model is priced at 3,260 US dollars, whereas the second model is sold at 2,330 US dollars.

Hero F3i, F2i, C8i

Hero and Hero MotoCorp are two separate brands but they are related and therefore, we have listed the manufacturer in this article. Since the above three brands are not everyone’s cup of tea, one can purchase the F3i, F2i or C8i from Hero. The three scooters offer a riding range of 35 kilometres in a single charge and are priced between INR 39,999 and 40,999.

Serial 1

Serial 1 is an electric cycle manufacturing company powered by motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson. The Milwaukee-based firm backs the company just like it backs the LiveWire subsidiary. At present, the company sells four models: Bash, Switch, Rush and Mosh. The cycles are priced between 3,999 US dollars and 4,999 US dollars.