Top environmental problems around the world

Our world is constantly changing, and so is our environmental conditions. 

What is the first environmental problem that comes to your mind? Of course, it has to be global warming or the rising temperature of our planet. However, the continuous changes in the environment are causing various natural disasters such as changing weather patterns, change in warming and cooling periods, etc. Therefore, we must be aware of different types of environmental problems impacting our Earth and lifestyle.

Let us learn about the various environmental problems around the world.

Pollution: With the increasing focus on industrial growth and urbanisation, our planet has been suffering from seven major types of pollutions such as water, soil, air, noise, radioactive, light and thermal. They get interlinked with each other due to their source and solutions. Therefore, we must tackle the problem with definite care and caution.

Overpopulation: One of the major problems faced by the planet is population explosion. Already developed country faces scarcity in various sustainable resources- such as food, water, fuel, and others. Overpopulation also contributes to various social issues- unemployment, poverty, lack of health care services and others.

Soil Degradation: The quality of the food supplied or the produced crops are dependent on the soil condition. However, according to the reports, almost 12.5 million hectares of farmland gets degraded every year. There are various reasons which cause soil degradation. Some of them are overexposure to pollutants, overgrazing, soil erosion, monoculture planting and others. To improve this condition, a wide variety of conservation techniques got implemented by the experts.

Non-biodegradable wastes deposits: Hyper consumption is one of the significant threats to our planet. According to the survey reports, almost 5 pounds of non-biodegradable waste is produced by an average person every day. It mainly consists of unwanted e-waste, plastic products, harmful chemicals, etc. These wastes end up in landfills or get burned using various techniques, generating toxic gases- methane, carbon monoxides and others. As a result, it causes several explosion hazards. Therefore, there is a need to control the deposits of non-biodegradable wastes.

Ocean Acidification: Ocean contains almost 97% of the Earth’s water, but its acidification is causing environmental problems. Ocean acidification is the condition where the pH level of the ocean is decreasing rapidly. It is due to the excess carbon dioxide production from various human activities. Such as the burning of fossil fuels, industrial waste deposits, etc. Therefore, we must take steps to decrease the rate of ocean acidification.

We need to stay aware of the various environmental problems and find solutions to prevent their causes.

Orna Ghosh

Orna is an engineer from Northeast with a keen interest in creative writing. Mysterious facts and thriller stories creates a buzz in her. Living in the city but her heart always belong to the hills, after all Winter is Coming. Let's cosy up and grab a cup of Coffee with some new stories to read.
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