Top five career choices if you are studying anthropology

Find out how you can start earning from top five career options from studying anthropology!

The study of ancient cultures, interactions, the foundations that has build society today is fascinating. This is why many choose anthropology as a major subject in higher studies after school. But, how do you put these experiences, knowledge to real world use? That is often a topic many students prefer to skip at school or college level. Let’s have a look, how you can make money from your anthropology degree.

Curator, archivist or a worker in the museum

If you have an eye for stuff that is special along with your anthropology degree, this is your place to be. When you work at a museum you get a chance to interact, learn and teach about things that belongs to different cultures of this world. The processing, preservation, restoration and other works are also beneficial to your career in a museum.

Research Analyst

There are only a few jobs in this world which works intimately with human needs and wants other than survey research. When you design, collect and analyse data for preferences, desires, beliefs of human beings, you put your knowledge and understanding of data analysis, collection and the cultural variance that has occurred through time. These jobs also pay very well when you work with an established organisation.


This is probably one of the most natural fit, but for a great career as a historian, you will need at least a Master’s degree to be recognised as an experienced individual in the field. Anthropologists spend time studying the past; you will learn and grow your career in this field better than any other.


If you have good research skills and you are fascinated with the history of human society, you can start developing content that is good enough for published work. This type of a career path can lead you to write interesting facts, novels and what-not. You can even take it one step further and take an entry into the small screen or big screen world, if your content is worth it. It is a bit risky than the other option, but once you hit the target, it can pay very well.


Yes, it is kind of the obvious one here, but wait! This actually requires even higher degrees. You would need to complete your Master’s degree and go for a Ph.D. level study to get recognized in the field and start as a lecturer in any recognized college or university.

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