Top Five Dreamy Destinations In India That Are Ideal For Setting Sail

One of the most fantastic ways of enjoying your vacation in India is to set sail on a cruise or take a refreshing boat ride

Boating is a leisurely activity, and people who enjoy going on boat rides are often on the lookout for relaxing breaks to connect with nature and spend quality time with their loved ones. If you want to experience the beauty of India on a boat or a cruise, pick a destination, plan a vacation, and set sail. Check out five dreamy destinations that are perfect for exploring on a boat or cruise.

Gadisar Lake in Mount Abu

Enjoy an evening or early morning boat ride at Mount Abu’s Gadisar Lake. This mesmerizing lake is a valuable asset for the local people, and it has been bearing the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan for generations. The Gadisar Lake lies at the center of Mount Abu, and boating across the serene lake offers an enchanting view of the historic city, and you can locate some of the popular attractions like the Maharaja Jaipur Palace and Raghunath Temple.

Sattal Lake in Nainital

Would you like to go on a family picnic and sit by a quaint lake and enjoy the view? If yes, you should visit Nainital and go on a boat ride in Sattal Lake. Apart from enjoying boating, you may also try your hands at fishing with your little ones. There can be no better way than fishing to teach patience to children; it is a virtue that should be inculcated early in life.

Glass Bottom Cruise in The Andaman Islands

People flock to the Andaman Islands for their stunning nature, pristine beaches, turquoise sea, and lush green scenery. The islands attract tourists with their charming natural beauty and various fun-filled activities. For instance, the Glass Bottom Cruise is one of the most sought-after rides that one needs to try to experience the beautiful marine life of the Andaman Islands. The cruise allows visitors to ride on a boat with a glass bottom, enabling passengers to peek underneath the sea and witness the spectacular marine life.

Alleppey Backwater in Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala are a unique attraction that lures thousands of visitors each year. One of the most highly demanded cruises in Alleppey is the Alleppey Backwater Cruise. There are three types of cruises you can avail: Shikara, Houseboat, and Motorboat.

Hoganekkal in Tamil Nadu

You can refer to Hogaenakkal Waterfalls as the Indian version of Niagara Falls. It lies in Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri district, just 200 kilometers from Bangalore. Hoganekkal is popular for the awe-inspiring waterfall, and your trip would be incomplete until you set sail on a boat to explore the destination, a major tourist attraction that offers fun coracle and boating rides.


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