Top Five Expensive Speedboats in the World

There was a time when speed lovers used to spend fortunes on fast cars and motorcycles. Now, they are spending the same on speedboats and why not? After all, splashing water at great speed does offer a different kind of an adrenaline rush. 

Buying speedboats in India may not be a thing, but it is surely a popular idea in European and American countries. Going out on fishing to nearby lakes or racing on the beach falls among favourite weekend getaways.

Buying a speedboat in those countries is an easy task since the speedboat industry is a crowded space with several models from different manufacturers. Just like cars and motorcycles, speedboats are also divided into various segments such as engine build, size and price.

In this article, we have decided to focus on the price factor and bring you the top five expensive speedboats that money can buy.

  1. 540 Sundancer
A whopping $1.8 million and one can enjoy their weekends in the ocean like a king. The Sundancer is a speedboat which consists of features of a yacht such as a 32-inch television, Harman Kardon audio systems, wooden flooring and comfortable sofa sets. Not to mention, it is also equipped with a coffee machine!

On the mechanical front, it is powered by two diesel-powered engines that produce a maximum power of 1200hp.

  1. Yamaha 275 E
Yamaha and automobiles go hand-in-hand as the Japanese brand has ruled different automobile industries for decades. Coming to this speedboat, one needs to pay a hefty amount of $1,01,249. This kind of money fetches the owner a 1.8-litre super vortex engine that produces 500hp of power.

Moving on to luxury features, it offers a wide bow seating arrangement with beverage mounts and backrest cushion. Furthermore, the floating screen helps the pilot in navigating tough water bodies in a facile manner.

  1. Mercedes AMG Cigarette Racing Boat
Essentially a racing boat, one can have this maniac if they have $3 million in their account. Maniac? Yes, because it consists of a V8 engine that churns out 2,700hp of power and tops 128km/hr on water. What more? Well, it carries 28 people at a time, has a luxurious bedroom with a bathroom and a kitchen. In short, it is meant for partying and of course, a bit of racing!
  1. Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover
Close to a million, this crossover between a speedboat and yacht makes out list due to the host of premium features. Features such as Rockford Fosgate stereo system, Raymarine gS95 display and a stand-up head compartment with full-sized galley makes it a top of the trim choice for any millionaire.
  1. Azimut 48
This speedboat-cum-yacht is available at $1.2 million that offers luxury items such as VIP Cabins, Bose Home Theatre, and a personal salon along with cockpit floor made of teak. The vessel is powered by twin 600hp Cummins V-drive engine to deal with high tides and rough waves.