Top Five Popular Marathons In Thailand

The running boom of Thailand is internationally centric and is driven by tourism, with hundreds of running events organized every year.

Marathons in Thailand are a local, grassroots phenomenon and with time, it has expanded holistically along with the fitness and health revolution of the country. Thailand’s different terrains offer a unique experience to the runners. If you like marathons too, here are the five best running events in Thailand that you shouldn’t miss.

Buriram Marathon

Buriram Marathon has plans to transform Buriram into one of the best stadiums for marathons across the globe and an ideal destination for marathon runners around the globe. This marathon offers the runners an opportunity to run to their heart’s content through the country’s one and only Formula One Circuit. The categories of the Buriram marathon include a 10 km mini-marathon, a 21 km half marathon, a 42.195 km full marathon, and a 5 km fun run. This popular running event is usually conducted in February.

Rayong Marathon

Rayong Marathon offers a calming experience to every runner in the race. The Rayong marathon takes place on the paradisalRayong beach, located in the southern part of the country’s capital. Runners during the race run through picturesque areas while enjoying the beach’s tranquility. This marathon involves a 21.1 km half marathon, 5 km micro marathon, 42.195 km full marathon, 10.5 km mini-marathon, and a 3 km fun run.

KhonKaen International Marathon

KhonKaen International Marathon is hands down the greatest and sought-after marathon in Thailand. The town of KhonKaen has a breathtaking landscape and is culturally rich. Runners pass across several Buddhist temples in PhraMahathatKaen Nakhon and KhonKaen along the route of the race. Over 50,000 athletes from different countries participate in the KhonKaen International Marathon every year.

Bangkok Midnight Marathon

The Bangkok Midnight Marathon represents the latest addition to the country’s running event calendar. Drawing inspiration from the growing trend, Bangkok Midnight Marathon is conducted during the wee hours. There are chances for this running event to be perceived as the leading international class marathon soon.

Laguna Phuket International Marathon

This marathon takes place for two days. This race is arranged to support the Laguna Phuket Foundation. This race involves a 5 km walk and run, 10.5 km run, and a 2 km run for the kids. All the events start and finish at the beautiful Laguna Phuket integrated resort. The runners of the full marathon follow a route that winds through the local rubber plantations of Laguna Phuket.

Whether it is the oldest race of the kingdom or the latest in a series, participating in local running events is always thrilling.


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