Top Five Rarest And Most Valuable Action Figures Of All Time

A lot of people would probably assume that the most expensive or valuable action figure in the world would be a Star Wars figure, however, you would be wrong!

Numerous factors can go into determining the value of an action figure, and the more boxes checked, the more expensive and rarest the figure is. Some action figures could be easily spotted in stores everywhere, yet are worth small fortunes today. However, there are more interesting cases. Cases of companies altering design features on some of their products, adding more value to the originals. These are the figures that stick out as rare and bizarre moments of pop culture. Let us have a look at top five rarest and most valuable action figures of all time.

Crimson Dawn Psylocke: ($2,500)

The Marvel Legends line from ToyBiz featured some incredible action figures that also came along with a comic book of the same character for buyers to read. Some of the action figures received variants; superheroes dressed in different costumes. For instance, the Crimson Dawn Psylocke figure was featured in a black costume instead of the traditional one and it is now perceived as one of the rarest around. The action figure was produced in 2006, but the company gave up the Marvel toy rights to Hasbro in 2007. Thus, it supposedly never made it to the stores, but a single box containing twelve toys somehow made it out of the factory and its current worth is ($2,500).

Yak Face: ($3,000-$5,000)

Yak Face, a blobby-faced alien, made a brief appearance in “Return of the Jedi”, but it is now considered a collectible action figure worth a thousand dollars or so. What has made Yak Face figure so rare, however, is the fact that it was released in 1985. It had been a couple of years since the last movie was released, so toy sales were naturally down. Yak Face was one of the very last figures produced before Kenner canceled their entire Star Wars line in 1985. The majority of the action figures were released in Europe and never made it to the shops in the United States, making it extremely difficult for collectors to get their hands on them.

Vinyl Cape Jawa: ($3,000-$5,000)

The Jawas were some of the most mysterious characters depicted in the original Star Wars film. So it perfectly fits that their action figure would be one of the most elusive. The 1970 Jawa figure originally came with a vinyl cape. Kenner, the manufacturer felt that the buyers would feel the action figure was cheaply made. Thus, Kenner redesigned the cape, making it out of fabric, and once again, inadvertently creating a massively valuable item for collectors. Jawa with a vinyl cape can fetch $3,000 – if it is an original.

Darth Vader With Double-Telescoping Lightsaber ($22,000)

You may find many toys based on Darth Vader but it is highly unlikely for any of them to be as valuable as this one. The original 1978 figures that wielded lightsabers came equipped with a cunning telescopic light-saber accessory, making the toy unique. These figures had a small switch on their hands that caused their lightsaber to extend. But Kenner later changed the toys as it was considered flimsy by the company. These versions of Luke and Obi-Wan are also valuable, but Darth Vader is certainly the prized gem.

Prototype G.I. Joe: ($200,000)

Several aspects can give an action figure immense monetary worth. But if an item is one of a kind, that’s all it needs. This figure was hand-crafted by Don Levine in 1964 even before the production of the first G.I. Joe figures had even begun. The first-ever G.I. Joe is more of a priceless antique and a valuable piece of history now. In 2003, the action figure was sold to a private collector for $200,000.

While most of us were busy ripping open the packaging, and clashing our action figures together in battles, the collectors were biding their time and foraging for future gems.

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