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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Add Turkey To Your Travel List

Sprawling across Asia and Europe, Turkey exhibits a beautiful amalgamation of cultures, and the Eurasian country has something in store for everyone.

Turkey is a transcontinental nation. It is partly an Asian country, a European country, a Balkan country, a Middle Eastern country, and a neighbor to the African continent and the Caspian Sea. Turkey is for people who love history, culture, and art and also for those who are willing to try a thrilling adventure sport or want to try delicious food, or simply enjoy a relaxing spa. Turkey has exciting things for everyone. Read on to find out!

Splendid Cave Hotels

When visiting Cappadocia, going on a hot air balloon ride is just as important as staying at an exquisite cave hotel, built inside ancient cave dwellings. The hotels have tried their best to keep the cave’s physical structure unchanged while adding modern and luxurious facilities. The stone walls of the caves offer a glimpse of primitive life. Many cave hotels in Turkey also feature beautiful rooftop terraces or gardens, ideal for viewing sunrise balloons.

Enticing Hot Springs

The hot springs of Turkey are a treasure. The most popular and commonly visited hot springs include the Cleopatra Pools, located in the picturesque town of Pamukkale. A lot of tourists visit this town for its incredible travertine terraces. The water of the hot springs is neither too cold nor too hot — it is perfect for enjoying a relaxing bath after a tiring day of exploring the terraces and ruins of Pamukkale.

Delectable Cuisine

For every foodie out there, Turkey is a paradise. Turkish food is all about salads, aubergines, olives, nuts, and aromatic Mediterranean spices. Some of the must-try vegetarian cuisines include Kumpir- baked potato paired with kasar cheese and butter, Cig Kofte, Baklava, Imam Bayildi, and more. Also do not forget to try the famous Turkish ice cream, Dondurma, from the street vendors who carry out a spectacular action while serving the ice cream.

Luxurious Turkish Baths or Hamams

Your holiday in Turkey is incomplete until you visit a historical hamam or Turkish bath. There are numerous hamams in every corner of Turkey, with varying services and price ranges. Çemberlitaş Hamamı Fiyat, located in the heart of Istanbul, offers good service at reasonable prices. The soothing spa experience will de-stress you, enabling you to relax.

Karagöz Festival

The traditional Karagöz festival is held for a week, and it organizes exciting performances by Western puppeteers, marionette performers, and shadow puppeteers during odd years.

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