Top Football Commentators of all Time

Commentators are a significant part of the game, for they add life to the football matches

Be it football or basketball, commentators play a pivotal role in practically every sport. They are experts with infinite knowledge about the game’s history and statistics. During the game, they present important information about the event, teams and the players. Over the decades, the football world has been lucky because some distinguished personalities have performed as commentators. In this piece, we remember the top football commentators of all time.

Peter Drury- It’s complicated to understand whether Drury is a football commentator or a poet because when he speaks, the activities on the field are described as a charming sonnet. Over the years, the man has commentated on several popular games from the Premier League, Champions League, and the World Cup. One of his finest comments occurred when AS Roma kicked out Barcelona from the Champions League.

John Motson- Commenced his career in 1971, Motson has covered over 2,000 games as a commentator. In 2008, Motson retired to host the Match of the Day program for BBC. However, he shocked the world when he announced a comeback in 2017 for the famous TalkSport.

Clive Tyldesley- From live matches to the virtual game of FIFA, Clive Tyldesley has commentated on many games and is a genuine football legend. For decades, he has worked as a commentator for ITV and over the seasons; he has picked up several awards for his incredible commentary, which comprises the Royal Television Society Sports Commentator of the Year award.

Martin Tyler- Martin Tyler has served for Sky Sports since 1990 and is generally hailed as the voice of the English Premier League. At 75, he is still an active football commentator who is identified in the commentary box of the Premier League, Champions League, and the FIFA World Cup games. Similar to Tyldesley, Martin’s voice has been utilized in the virtual game of FIFA.

Alan Smith- A former Arsenal and Leicester City player, Alan Smith has been a striker at the top level of the game. Therefore, his wisdom about the game makes him one of the finest football commentators in the Premier League at present. A former pundit for Sky Sports, Alan Smith is another commentator whose voice has been used in the virtual game of FIFA. In fact, EA Sports who are the developer of the FIFA game replaced Andy Gray’s voice with that of Smith’s.

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