Published By: Rohit Chatterjee

Top Four Vehicles Used by the Indian Armed Forces

The Indian armed forces are known in the world for their strength in numbers, heavy weapon arsenal and specially modified tough vehicles to endure combat situations. 


The Indian Army is the third largest armed force in the entire world and is known for its bravery. Over the years, they have manned long borders which are shared with four different countries and have carried out operations in areas where ordinary citizens like you and me cannot reach. 


From the Thar desert to the Siachen glacier and swamps in the Northeast, Indian defence personnel are transported with the help of vehicles, specially made to deal with rough terrain and tremendous weather conditions. They are not just used for logistics but also as combat vehicles as well. 


In this article, we take a look at the top four vehicles that are used by the forces for a different purpose. 


Mahindra MPV


The MPV or Mine Protective Vehicle is designed and manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra and Defence Land Systems India. The vehicle is specially meant for logistic purpose in areas where landmines are a common trap. 


The vehicle can endure 14kgs of TNT explosion under the hull and can carry up to 18 army personnel. The main goal of this vehicle is to give a safe passage to the soldiers on their journey. 


Tata Kestrel


Tata’s Kestrel is a fire-and-move vehicle which is meant to pace through action while keeping the soldiers safe inside. The armoured body and hull of the vehicle can withstand IED explosions and landmines with capabilities of wading deep water at high speed. 


The vehicle can produce 600hp of power and can equip itself with 30-mm cannon and a 40-mm grenade launcher. 


Windy 505


Windy 505 is a vehicle created by the Indian Army itself as they are the patent holders. The vehicle is meant for surveillance and to provide additional quick support to the infantry during emergency situations. Due to its less weight, it can reach close to the border and fire Medium Missile Gun (MMG) at the enemies.


Renault Sherpa


The Sherpa from Renault cannot withstand firepower or landmines because it is designed as a reconnaissance vehicle. Sherpa’s job is to be fast and cover long distances. Thus, it is equipped with a fuel tank of 1000 litres. Yes, you read that correct- 1000 litres! Used for patrolling and to keep an eye on activities along the border, the Sherpa can literally reach any given target on land.